Wednesday, August 22, 2007

stuck on you...

After receiving an email from Zazzle that the price of the 41cent stamps were going up, I quickly hounded my FI to order the pretty little ones I just created so we had enough for all the thank you cards.

While we were ordering, I checked how many left over stickers we had from our STDs. So I played around with the designs and made two more stickers and ordered them too. So now, we have three different types of stickers... Here are the two I just created:

Now, why are we using these? The stickers will sitting on the candy bar, next to the bags so people can fill them up and use the stickers to close them! :)

Did I need this? NOPE... but at this phase in the planning I could care less! What do you think was your most random and unneeded expense?

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