Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Black water?

One of my BMs and I went to chat with my florist yesterday to nail down specifics of the wedding. I hated feeling this was left untouched for the longest time so afterwards I felt a lot better.

So we now have high centerpieces and i added a ton more things things to list: pew flowers, bags of rose petals and floral display for the sweetheart table. The high centerpieces got me to thinking how I wanted it to look. I really really wanted a wrought iron dark color metal, almost a candelabra style but she didn't have that. So we ended up settling for glass. Then she said she could dye the water to be black. BLACK. I was a little taken back... I said okay and will able to okay it next month if I liked it but now thinking about it...I don't know.

Then I remembered an episode of Whose wedding is it anyway how Planner Julie Conley used LED lights to light up the base of the centerpiece. HMMM... i like this a lot more than black water.

I think we'll see how it looks once I see the design she gives me next month. What did you do for your centerpieces?

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