Monday, August 6, 2007

Can Invitations BE more difficult?

I just counted off the top of my head and I realized I am making the most annoying and detailed oriented invitations in the world. Yes I know I have a lot of the stereotypical pieces everyone else has... and well, I'm sure if someone else was working on these, they'd be fine.

I'm just plain old sick (like all other couples) of all the little details when it comes to this. Even to the point where I told my brother that if there was a misspelling of a word, keep it to himself. :P

Goals for today:
  • Finish invitation wording and send to the printers.

  • Start on Reception cards. Send to the printers

  • Send water bottle labels to the printers

  • Send "tears of joy" labels to the printers

  • Send shawl labels to the printers

I figured if I was going to send the invitation stuff to the printers might has well send the rest!! :) But I guess I will be happy once it's all complete!

What was the worst part of the invitation where you dreading?

1 comment:

Bride of Rochester said...

What I dreaded: Hand addressing everything.

What actually was the worst: designing them. I could not have been more anal about the whole process.

I feel your pain!