Thursday, August 2, 2007

"What am I gonna wear?"

I say this every night before I go to bed and trying to figure out what to drape myself in for the next day. Sometimes I care more often than other days. But like every other lady who is about to get married, she thinks about what to wear for all her special events.

Now that I hear my bridal party theme is all set: Black/White and Pink, I realized the dress I had gotten wasn't in the scheme and well, I can't just can't wear a brown dress to a Black/White and Pink themed bash! I do have a perfect dress (black dress with pink polka dots) to wear but I've worn it before and well, I'm evoking the excuse "I just need a new dress!" quote because I can!

In my first search through the world wide web, I cam across these:

Anne Taylor

Black Market White House

Forever 21

I think I might be leaning towards the white skirt pair it with a black tank and white cardigan... I don't know. I also have a really nice pair of white Capri's lined in black at the seams that I wore twice in my life. I could pair that with a black shirt. Which one is your favorite? What do you think?

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Bride of Rochester said...

now those... those are awfully nice!