Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Stickers Galore

Awhile ago, Mrs. Bee over at Weddingbee blogged about Moo.com and how they offer stickers! Since they were 90 for 9.99 plus free shipping, I decided to go ahead and order them and use them to decorate the OOT bags. So we have to make about 30 bags, I figured, that's 6 stickers a piece.

I ordered one set of stickers with us on them and one set of stickers of grapes and barrels and of the chapel we'll be getting married in. Granted the photos of the grapes and barrels came from one of our trips to Napa but I figured no one would be the wiser! :)

They finally came and I couldn't help but place them on my OOT bags I found at Target!

They turned out soo cute. I can't wait till it gets closer and fill the bags up with goodies! Did you do anything special to spruce up your OOT bags?

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