Sunday, August 19, 2007

the evolution of the Invitation from hell...

I was going to write this elaborate post about how it was difficult but I will instead just show you the finished products and where I got the good to make my lovely invites. Lots of
Outer envelope... isn't the calligraphy beautiful? Thank you again Monica! You're the best!

There is a inner star dream quartz envelope but I was too lazy to take a photo of that... and here is the actual invitation! Closed... it took a few hours to perfect how to the ribbons to go around without them moving. We finally realized we had to cut slits and weave them through.

Now it's open! :) the little label isn't there to keep it closed... it's just there to look pretty.

Here are our reception and RSVP cards. Most people got a different reception card. The last 5 invites got these. :)

Here are the amazing maps my brother did for us! He sent me the digital copy and then I put it into word and had them printed out at a printers to keep the black. I also did a write up on lodging and directions on the opposite side. Once we got them printed and cut, we realized the white edges from the cut (it's white paper, with black ink!) so my loving FI went over every edge with a permanent marker and made them all black! How sweet!

All the envelopes and that black enclosure came from Envelope Mall. The layouts came from MS Word. Just centered it. Ribbon came from craft store.

So... what do you think? :)

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