Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Bobble wha?

Okay, I'm one to try to most of our wedding to look timeless but there is one thing we ended up doing that will totally date our wedding to 2007... and it is our cake toppers.

Last night we finally go around to ordering our custom-made bobble heads from Whoop Ass Enterprises. (Don't you just love the name of the company!!!) Yes, I know this is a bit extravagant, but we aren't ordering special wine glasses, we aren't buy knives and such to cut the cake, we cut out costs all over to justify this one little thing.

Their form is nice and easy, asking lots of questions and easy uploading of photos. Today I got an email from the artist who is assigned to design ours. It says it will take 5-7 weeks so I think we have more than enough time for this.

So why are we doing this? Because we just do! In fact when my mom was asking about it, I evoked for the FIRST TIME ever (and probably the last) "it's our wedding." Then went on asking her why she wanted me to put something on top of a cake is isn't us at all... and she finally agreed that it fit us.

Anyhow, what are you putting on top of your yummy confectionery delights?

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Still a Miss. said...

You gotta do at least one special thing for you! I made my topper and the toasting glasses are from my parents wedding. But I spent my (dads) extra $$$ on the flowers. Orgnially I didnt want anything too expensive but once I saw what we could do I decided it would be well worth the cost. And people say to me "why spend money on something that will die" My reply is the same as yours "its my wedding!"