Monday, August 27, 2007

Circle of love...

That's what I'm told what wedding bands represent. The undying love for one another.

It was probably out last major purchase (major as in... selling off another organ to pay) we have before the wedding.

We decided to trek back to the Jewelry district and check out Oscar's Design Jewelry. This is where we first went to find my e-ring and because how nice and reasonable with that, we figured they'd be the same with part two of the jewelry buying.

First we checked out my FI's bands. He must have tried on 30 different bands. He liked the first one but I wanted him to check out multiple styles so he could see what is really out there. He ended up falling for this design (criss cross mesh shaped) ring. I know, I did not explain it as elegantly as it looked. I've never seen this ring before and it was simply divine. I think one of the big draws to it was that it didn't feel heavy.

Next we went over to the sparkly portion of the store and picked out my band. My portion wasn't as fun cause it was the second ring I found. It matches perfectly so I couldn't question it. It's covered in princess cut diamonds and is the same size of the band portion of my ring. While I was waiting for the man to finish up the paper work and cleaning my e-ring, I tried on some other rings just for fun. Lots of gaudy, bold rings, dripping in diamonds. Nothing I'd want, but it's always fun to see what a 40,000$ ring feels like on! Once we saw the price tags and then letting the guy bring down the price on his own we whipped out the plastic and signed on the dotted line. HOORAY! In and out within 30 minutes!

We also got them engraved but I'll tell you about that some other time!

How was your buying experience? Quick and easy? or Slow and painful?

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