Friday, August 24, 2007


On the way to dinner, we saw a Smart and Final and decided to drop in to find the elusive Martinelli's cider in 187 ml splits. What do you know, they had them! We also got busy and bought some candy for the candy bar:

  • Black Licorice

  • Gold coins (not for candy bar... for something else!)

  • Ice Blow pops

  • Life savers white mints

  • Red Hots

  • Atomic Fireballs

  • Gummi Worms

This is added to what we already have:

  • Red Vines

  • M&Ms

We are about 80% there with all the loot for the favors and the candy bar!

We still need or are considering to buy this...

  • Gummi Grapefruit

  • Cherry Slices

  • Jelly Belly® French Vanilla

  • Chocolate Mini Mints

  • Chocolate Caramels

  • Jawbreaker Boulders

  • Natural Rock Candy

Anyone have any other ideas? The guidelines: candy must be red/black/white. I'd prefer to find more white types or black types of candies since we already have a lot of red.


J. said...

Sno caps
Black Jack gum

J. said...

candy cigarettes

Vigilante said...

thanks j for the ideas! what are sno caps? i must investigate! i like the name! haha!

J. said...

Melissa wants Junior Mints.

Vigilante said...

Tell mel that junior mints do not come in our color scheme. They are too light. If they were a dark chocolate that could be passed off as almost black, then we'd have a winner. She'll have to make due with the Chocolate mints Robyn found! :)

And if she wants to lodge a formal complaint... send her to the complaints department at