Sunday, February 23, 2014

In love....

Since I haven't blogged on a normal basis, I figure for the time being I'll start a weekly recap.

1. Started T25 program. Muscles sore and I love it!
2. It rained cats and dogs. We're talking lions and St. Bernards.
3. Stuck to the menu I planned to.
4. Got the hang of watching all the kids without help. Everyone survived. Only a few tears were shed.
5. Downton Abbey! I rewatched the finale 3 times! 
6. Baby smiles. K3 is smiling more and more every day. Makes my heart melt every single time! 
7. Got notice that Disneyland is having a superhero half marathon. Beyond excited and will be at the computer to register the moment it opens up!!!
8. Contemplating on planning a mini holiday for memorial weekend. Perhaps Arizona? 
9. Found the easiest meal on the planet to make. Can't wait to post. 
10. Mardi Gras this week!! Look for that post coming up this week!

And picture of the week:

K1&K2 watching their scones bake

How was your week?

Feb 23 weekly menu

Sunday afternoon means time to prep and plan for the week:

Banana berry oatmeal 
Oatmeal banana protein shakes


Chickpea patty with Marsala sauce
Chicken salad
Egg salad sandwich
PB & J sandwich 
Chicken salad


Chicken tikka Marsala with brown rice
Grilled mahi mahi tacos with salad
Grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup
Ribs with corn on the cob 
Sloppy joes with garlic roasted potatoes

- Protein bites
- fruit cut up and prepared
- chocolate almond milk 

Is it too late? (aka things to do before 2015)

Its almost in the February and I still haven't made my things to do list yet for 2014. Is it too late? I think not! It's never too late to make a list of things to do. 

Things to do before 2015

1. Get back into shape. (Going to measure myself tonight and make some realistic goals on weightloss since I gave birth 6 weeks ago.)
2.  Take a family vacation (terrified of this since we are a family of 5 (three kids under 3.5) 
3.  Run 2 half marathons 
4. Cook 14 meals a week. Breakfast/lunch/dinner --could be any of them for 3 months
5.  Complete t25 program
6. Prepare 1 new recipe a week and blog about it.
7. Blog more
8. Walk 10 miles with the kids
9.  Make it a point to see my friends at least once a month without kids. Hello! Happy hour!!!
10. Finish the backyard remodel.
11. Keep the garden growing and plant more!
12. Date night with Mr. Planner at least once a month.
13. Enjoy life!

I think this is all doable. No out of country trips. No massive overhauling life plans. Just making a point to enjoy this moment in like plans. Sometimes you just need to stop and look around and be thankful for the life you've been given.