Sunday, February 23, 2014

Is it too late? (aka things to do before 2015)

Its almost in the February and I still haven't made my things to do list yet for 2014. Is it too late? I think not! It's never too late to make a list of things to do. 

Things to do before 2015

1. Get back into shape. (Going to measure myself tonight and make some realistic goals on weightloss since I gave birth 6 weeks ago.)
2.  Take a family vacation (terrified of this since we are a family of 5 (three kids under 3.5) 
3.  Run 2 half marathons 
4. Cook 14 meals a week. Breakfast/lunch/dinner --could be any of them for 3 months
5.  Complete t25 program
6. Prepare 1 new recipe a week and blog about it.
7. Blog more
8. Walk 10 miles with the kids
9.  Make it a point to see my friends at least once a month without kids. Hello! Happy hour!!!
10. Finish the backyard remodel.
11. Keep the garden growing and plant more!
12. Date night with Mr. Planner at least once a month.
13. Enjoy life!

I think this is all doable. No out of country trips. No massive overhauling life plans. Just making a point to enjoy this moment in like plans. Sometimes you just need to stop and look around and be thankful for the life you've been given. 

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Linda said...

I look forward to seeing those new recipes!