Monday, January 25, 2010

Media Room... Before and After

For the past few months (okay, like 6) we've been talking about getting a new couch for our media room. We got our couch when we moved in 2.5 years ago but we learned the hard way that a tan microfiber couch is not one that will withstand the test of time with us and our puppies. We decided it was time for us to stop talking about it and find something we really liked. After several stores we headed back to where we got our new couches in the living room and found one that really fit the bill. Late on Friday we put in the ordered and went on our merry way. Well, that was a snowflake that turned into an avalanche! In the next few days, I happen to win a fabulous giveaway on the most wonderful blog: Silly Little Mischief. It was for some wall art.

When it finally came, that sealed the deal that we just had to redo the room. First we talked about putting it off but then realized we wouldn't want to paint once the new furniture was in there. So I dragged the hubby to Home Depot and got a gallon of paint to add to our ever-growing supply of paint at home. We had this dark dark chocolate color we got when we moved in but never used it and felt this was the perfect opportunity to really do something drastic to the room. After I primed it, the hubby came home and helped paint the room. It only took about 4 days of a few hours here and there to finally get it completed. Once that was done, I made a few extra pillows and a dog bed (craft project of the month), hung up some art work and our new piece we got and just waited for the goods. Saturday came, twenty minutes before our family came over and delivered the most COMFORTABLE sofa and ottoman you can ask for!

Now, onto the photos...


Can I just say how much I am in LOVE with how everything turned out? What do you think?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Project 12 - January update #2

So, the days we've been home, I've made dinner. Well, those days have been few and far between this last week. After getting over a cold, I had this ambitious idea I wanted to redecorate the media room. Everyone keeps telling me I'm nesting but to be honest, it was on our calendar before I even knew what nesting was. :) Anyhow, we've been busy with that. Tonight I'm going to try to make dinner in between finishing up some little things I want to start/finish before Friday!

What's been your favorite meal you've made this month? I think ours has to be garlic pasta with pesto turkey meatballs! YUMMM!

project 12

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Things to do before 2011

I know I said I wouldn't do this but heck, I can't help but make lists to get through the year. So here is my Things to do list for 2010!

1. Pay half my car off by 12/31/10
2. Finish remodeling the media room
3. Get the garden up and going again
4. Design a nursery
5. Teach the puppies some manners
6. Do one half marathon (Rock n Roll Vegas)
7. Re-Organize
8. Go to Hawaii
9. Do one big craft project each month (currently doing)
10. Get Back in shape by 12/31/10
11. Get up to date with all vacation albums (currently 3 behind)
12. Find a yoga class I can go to
13. Reorganize and redo back guest room
14. Cook 4 nights a week for 1 month straight
15. Take a vacation to a destination I've never been to
16. Work out 5 times a week for 3 months straight

I will be keeping track of this on the side bar as usual!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cleaning out the closet...

Things are starting to fit tighter around the waistline and it was high time that I finally went shopping for some clothes that fit better. After spending oodles of my precious time at the mall, I came home with lots of clothes that I just couldn't wait to put in my closet. The problem was it was stuffed... STUFFED... with clothes that just don't fit at the moment. Shoes have been tossed all over the place and it was just all a mess. I decided it was time to clean it out, put my clothes I adore in storage bins and toss what just won't be worn again. After maneuvering everything, I have to admit I'm pretty happy with my results. In the end, I got rid of those nasty dry cleaner hangers, stored 2 BIG bins of clothes, and put aside 4 bags of clothes for Good Will.

My end result:

And my Good Will bags:

It was fantastic to finally put most of my heels on the shelves (my puppies seem to have a knack to find the most expensive ones and chew them up). Everything is just so organized and clean. I hate pulling things out of there now in fear it won't look as clean as it does now.

When was the last time you did a little cleanup in the wardrobe area?

Project 12 - January update #1

This month's project isn't going as planned. Right when I thought I'd be able to get back to cooking a cold hits. No fun! So this week we've been defying all the rules and eating like college kids (horrible unhealthy fast frozen meals or just cereal). I can say I am getting 5-6 servings of fruits in a day, thanks to my fruit basket that is at my desk at work. It's filled with tasty apples and large naval oranges. YUM!

I'm starting to feel better so hopefully I'll be able to get back into cooking, perhaps just crock pot style foods for the weekend. We'll see how it all plays out.

Are you starting to eat healthier since the new year?

project 12

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Good bye weekend!

Finally winding down from a very fun filled day of shopping,
cleaning, cooking, and spending some quality time with loved ones.

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Project 12 - January

This month's theme will be about food. I know, I know how boring is that, but after how many effects I've made to crack down and stick with home cooked foods, I've always feel like we fall off the wagon. The last quarter of 2009, the hubby "cooked" all the dinners since I was always too tired to get in the kitchen. Now with most of my energy back, I want to take back my kitchen and get healthy again. No more burritos, unless it's homemade. No more soup from a can.

Rules for this month:

  • Time to get more local and buy from the farmer's markets! I don't know about you but I'm very fortunate to have 4, yes FOUR, farmer's markets within a 5 mile radius of us.
  • Menu Planning in advance! Weekly menus to help make shopping trips a bit easier
  • One cheat day a week! This will only count for dinners. I know some of us have full time jobs and it could be hard to bring a lunch.
  • Shop from your freezer! It's high time we start using all that meat and veggies we tossed in there!
  • Cook a meal each week that never tried before!

    project 12
  • Changing things up...

    After a few years of making to-do lists, I realized I have gotten lazy in finishing them. Don't ask how many miles I cycled last year or even if I finished all the albums I wanted to. So now it's time for me to start thinking out of the box to get stuff done without the infamous to-do list. Now I want to make sure I keep on this all year long even with a little rugrat due in June.

    So, I present to you Project 12! 12 months, 12 new ideas or themes to accomplish! Each one will be something that will hopefully enrich our lives!

    Each month a new project will be announced. I invite you to join in on the fun and tell us how it's going for you. I will post shortly about January's theme, with the tag: Project 12. Each month will be a new button to link to my site, if you'd like to publicly join in, I will post a link to your site so others can follow you!

    Hope you'll all join in on the adventure!!!

    project 12

    Each Month:
    Project 12 - Jan

    Project 12 - Feb

    Project 12 - Mar

    Project 12 - Apr

    Friday, January 1, 2010

    Happy 2010!!

    Wishing you a very blessed and prosperous new year!!!