Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Things you've been meaning to do...

I have a list the size of my arm of things I've been meaning to do.  On top of that list is run.  I know I am always saying I'm going to run, but truthfully, I never seem to get my tush out there and pound the pavement.  Case in point, running gear in my car and I can go during my lunch break but will i?  Well, maybe today since I am writing about it and I'd feel guilty if I don't.  Still, It irks me that I'm not running.  ESPECIALLY since I have a 1/2 marathon (yes another one) in 12 days. 

So this post is for me to come clean.  Here is a run down of things I've been meaning to do:
  • Run. A lot!
  • Lose 10 lbs.  I'm so not a person to look at the scale but seriously, I have two boxes of clothes that I really want to wear and while I love to shop, the lack of paychecks the past 6 weeks (due to maternity leave) kinda hindered that desire.  Yes, I hit my prepregnancy weight (hit it end of September) but I guess things just aren't the same and need to tone and tighten up.   Funny thing is I don't remember being that tight before the kupcake came along. Goal is to lose it by 1/1/11.  Back on WW I go.
  • Talk to my friends.  One of them literally is DOWN THE STREET and do I talk to her? Nope, not for the past week.  Must make a better effort there.  
  • Pull out the holiday decorations.
  • Clean the floors, oy, they are diiirrrrttttyyy! Good thing kupcake isn't too mobile yet.  Yes, she rolls around and scoots a little here and there, but right now she's more focused on this whole standing up and trying to walk thing.  (She's only 5 months old!)  I figure I have at least till Christmas till I have to worry about keeping clean floors.
  • Find a nanny (will shoot off the questionaire today...promise)
  • Finish doing inventory and get the store up and running (oh, we are opening a store, will talk more about that later).
  • Probably more things but right now, I'm just drowning in these main things. 
So,  what do you do with the things you've been meaning to do? 

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Paying for medals...

So I did it, up and signed up for two more races.  Basically I am imagining myself with two shiny new medals to add to my collection.  One is a 10k on Thanksgiving so I won't feel too guilty for eating an extra piece of pumpkin pie and the other is the Santa To the Sea Half Marathon on December 12.  Have I ran since my last half? Not really, but I blame this nasty cold I caught, THANKS HUBBY!  I go back to work next week (tear tear) and figured if I have to go back I might as well run during my lunch break so I don't feel horrible leaving my beautiful little daughter at home. 

  I need to find a race for either New Year's or just after the holidays so I don't fall victim to the evils of holiday cookies that get made in our household.  (Can't you just see it now, me filling up the containers to send to my brothers all other the country, "one for you, one for me --CHOMP") I say evil yet somehow I am already drooling over the thought of them!

  How are you going to try to stay in shape during the holidays?  

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How to Make a Bathroom More Cozy... CSN Preview

We have a water baby on our hands.  Bath time is one of the highlights of our little one's day.  With that being said, our guest bathroom where all the fun happens is basic.  It isn't fun sitting on the cold tile while our little fish splashes in the water.  Every night you could hear the hubby talk about how we needed to spruce it up and add some bathroom furniture in there.  CSN Stores gave us an opportunity to do another review and we thought this would be perfect to get some new bathroom furniture or accessories like a rug and perhaps some accessories that matched to make it more comfortable.

  Searching high and low on the CSN Bathroom store, it was so hard to pick something because there were so many choices.  Did we want to go kid like with gold fish and princess gear? Or did we want to more modern? After lots of debate we decided to this Avanti Cobblestone Rug. It was a nice complementary design with our toffee colored tiles and granite counter top.

I'm so excited for it come and see how it looks.  I know we've never been let down with this company!

Thank you again CSN for giving us the opportunity to check out your different stores!

This blogger received a promo code and did not receive financial compensation.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Into the sea I ran

I have no clue how I did it but I did. I woke up with less than three hours of sleep, drove over an hour walked over a mile to the starting line and ran. It was a like a flash flood of people storming down the streets and paths and boy was it pretty. So I wasn't in the front, I was more of the small stream of people towards the back. I told myself, ok run for 30 minutes and then we can walk and run a little. I hit mile two feeling good so I said I'll walk at 3. Three came and figured I'd rest at four, and that came and on I went and pushed through mile after mile. I blame the scenery for making it so easy! The Santa barbara 1/2 marathon started in a beautiful residential area then we turned onto bike paths that followed a steam. We ran over small bridges, underneath tall trees, and next to wilderness. On mile 9 not only did hit the wall I hit the hill. 170 ft in 1/4 mile. Ouch!!! A man in his bike saw I was struggling and offered me a water bottle and even though I declined he told me it was ok and to take it. So I did and man, that water had some healing powers because after a minute or so of downing it I got my energy back! On mile 11, we made the final big turn towards the ocean and you could see the islands and the brilliant blue ocean. The last water station gave us the best news, it was all down hill from here. I pushed and pushed and found myself doing something I didn't think would happen, beating my mental time I wanted to come in. I figured I wanted to finish in 3:15 because the lack of training and the fact I gave birth 19 weeks ago. 3:15 was good, it meant I tried hard and didn't pansy out. If i came in before that I'd be thrilled. I crossed through the finish line at 2:56! Yea!!! I may not be a fast runner but I'm ok with that.

The teenager placed the medal around my neck and moments later it started to drizzle lightly on us. It was so surreal and beautiful. Nowadays, my life evolves around a 15lb little girl and at this moment it evolved around me. I felt so empowered and alive. The pain in my knees and hips felt good, it was the type of pain that reminded you that you accomplished something. I like that type of pain!

So now, a day later and still a little sore, I feel eager to get back out there. I'm throwing down the gauntlet and going to do another one next month. I decided I am going to do one a month until I can't find one, hurt myself, or other.

14th half marathon is now in the books, time to find where 15 will be!

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Friday, November 5, 2010

Hours to go....

I'm laying in bed, butterflies in my tummy and all I can think about is the pain I will create within my body. I'm wondering when it will hit, mile 4, 6, 8? Will my knees hold up? And the hip? How much will I walk? Did I pack everything? Will I hear my alarm? What time will I cross that finish line? Will I be ok?

My mind is racing and I feel so nervous and excited. I can't wait to feel the weight of the medal around my neck. I can't believe this will be my 14th half marathon! Ok... Must go to sleep now and hope I can at least sleep a bit before the race!

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What was I thinking?

I only have three days till my next half marathon. I am sooo not ready! I was doing so well with training until my knees starting hurting and then I kinda just... Well, stopped training. I've been going to boot camp, Pilates, yoga and walks with my other mommy friends, but still is it enough? I don't think so!

This week I decided to push myself running as a last minute ditch effort. I have to admit this feeling is familiar. I can recall a "few" half marathons that I barely trained for. I guess I just have to remember how to move one foot in front of another and just push myself to the end.

On the weight-loss front, I finally hit pregnancy weight a few weeks ago. It felt so nice to button my jeans and finally put away my prego clothes. Ive gotten lazy and stopped paying attention to what i ate and the weight stopped coming off. Problem is that my regular clothes still feel tight so I figure I have 10 more lbs to go. Uggh! New goal is to hit that by Christmas (hopefully sooner).

With fall hitting, do you feel less motivated to work out? I for one can't tell the difference here, it 95 out and November 3rd. If you live in cooler climates, can you send some of it our way? I miss fall!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Go vote!

Mommy and I voted, did you?