Tuesday, November 16, 2010

How to Make a Bathroom More Cozy... CSN Preview

We have a water baby on our hands.  Bath time is one of the highlights of our little one's day.  With that being said, our guest bathroom where all the fun happens is basic.  It isn't fun sitting on the cold tile while our little fish splashes in the water.  Every night you could hear the hubby talk about how we needed to spruce it up and add some bathroom furniture in there.  CSN Stores gave us an opportunity to do another review and we thought this would be perfect to get some new bathroom furniture or accessories like a rug and perhaps some accessories that matched to make it more comfortable.

  Searching high and low on the CSN Bathroom store, it was so hard to pick something because there were so many choices.  Did we want to go kid like with gold fish and princess gear? Or did we want to more modern? After lots of debate we decided to this Avanti Cobblestone Rug. It was a nice complementary design with our toffee colored tiles and granite counter top.

I'm so excited for it come and see how it looks.  I know we've never been let down with this company!

Thank you again CSN for giving us the opportunity to check out your different stores!

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