Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Things you've been meaning to do...

I have a list the size of my arm of things I've been meaning to do.  On top of that list is run.  I know I am always saying I'm going to run, but truthfully, I never seem to get my tush out there and pound the pavement.  Case in point, running gear in my car and I can go during my lunch break but will i?  Well, maybe today since I am writing about it and I'd feel guilty if I don't.  Still, It irks me that I'm not running.  ESPECIALLY since I have a 1/2 marathon (yes another one) in 12 days. 

So this post is for me to come clean.  Here is a run down of things I've been meaning to do:
  • Run. A lot!
  • Lose 10 lbs.  I'm so not a person to look at the scale but seriously, I have two boxes of clothes that I really want to wear and while I love to shop, the lack of paychecks the past 6 weeks (due to maternity leave) kinda hindered that desire.  Yes, I hit my prepregnancy weight (hit it end of September) but I guess things just aren't the same and need to tone and tighten up.   Funny thing is I don't remember being that tight before the kupcake came along. Goal is to lose it by 1/1/11.  Back on WW I go.
  • Talk to my friends.  One of them literally is DOWN THE STREET and do I talk to her? Nope, not for the past week.  Must make a better effort there.  
  • Pull out the holiday decorations.
  • Clean the floors, oy, they are diiirrrrttttyyy! Good thing kupcake isn't too mobile yet.  Yes, she rolls around and scoots a little here and there, but right now she's more focused on this whole standing up and trying to walk thing.  (She's only 5 months old!)  I figure I have at least till Christmas till I have to worry about keeping clean floors.
  • Find a nanny (will shoot off the questionaire today...promise)
  • Finish doing inventory and get the store up and running (oh, we are opening a store, will talk more about that later).
  • Probably more things but right now, I'm just drowning in these main things. 
So,  what do you do with the things you've been meaning to do? 

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Linda said...

I need to do some decluttering so I can decorate for the holidays. I thought I'd do some over Thanksgiving weekend but nope. This weekend is holiday baking day so I probably won't do anything other than baking this weekend!