Monday, December 6, 2010

Train for a half marathon in 6 days!

  That's what I'm doing.  Did I run last week.  NO!  I even had my workout gear WITH ME but did I go? NOPE! Could I have gone at night after kupcake is sleeping? YES! Did I? NOPE! Did I have support and people at home encouraging me to go run? YUP! Did it help? Made me feel worse.

  So, because my lazy tush didn't run.  I decided to do a crash course training schedule.  It isn't like I'm asking myself to run to Bali and back.  Just to the school down the street or to the park around the bend. I'm pathetic!
 Little Miss Planner's Half Ass Attempt to train for a Half Marathon

Mon: Run 2 milesTue: Run 3 milesWed: Run 3 milesThur: Run 2 milesFri: Run 2 milesSat: 2 Pilates ClassesSun: Run 13.1 miles

Pretty Sad isn't it! Basically if I run 12 miles (less than a half) and do two Pilates classes I will be ready for this race.  Well, probably not but at least I won't die out there near the strawberry fields.

  On a lighter note, I found out something quite interesting.  I decided to check out Weight Watchers again (online of course) and noticed that things changes since I last logged on.  New style of counting points and how points are calculated. A little harder to figure out so hopefully that will get me going through the rest of the month.  And I lost a few more lbs, how that happened is beyond me since I had some See's Candy last yesterday. Okay, I have 4 pieces. Stop looking at me! :) 

  Now onto meals for the week.  My dad has been staying with us during the weekdays to help watch our little rugrat and in order to have control of everything, I have to plan ahead.  Time to introduce to you our meals for the week:

  •  Sun:  Sloppy Turkey Joes (SOOO GOOD!)
  • Mon: Chicken Satay & Peanut Sauce with steamed sesame veggies
  • Tue:  Crock pot of Beans and chili with homemade Tortillas
  • Wed: Tofu Stir Fry
  • Thur: Grilled Panini's with broiled brussels sprouts
  • Fri:    Order out!
Cannot tell you enough how excited I am for each meal.  YUM!  Somewhere in there I have to make cookies (8 dozen) for work.  Phew!
 How's everyone's week looking like?  Hopefully less busy than mine!

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Linda said...

One is that one busy week!