Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Thanks to Mrs. Bee over at Weddingbee.com, she posted this photo! Now is what I'm talking about when I say big cupcake for my and my FI for our wedding cupcake tower! :)

I will try to stop drooling now...

Inspirations Part 7

Upon looking through Martha Stewart.com I found this amazing centerpiece that would be great for a beachside reception:

You can use oversize shells to bring a touch of the seashore -- and a bit of romantic atmosphere -- to an evening at home. We used "lion's paw" shells (Lyropecten nodosus), available inexpensively from online auctions and souvenir shops. Fill a shallow tray with sand, arrange pairs of your prettiest specimens, and place a votive candle at the center of each pair (leaving room for the flames to flicker safely). Set the tray on a low table, and enjoy a quiet drink on the patio.


I decided to do a little research and found these lovely shells at Conch King for $3.50 each.

If I had a beach wedding I'd definitely up for using this!

Misadventures of working out...

Since the Summer crisis of moving... I've been a complete and utter slacker. I was going to work out more and watch what I ate more and just pay more attention to my body. I was going to lift and get more upper body strength but in order to do that, you gotta put in at least 1% of effort. Well, if I was graded on my last few weeks, I'd get a big fat F. So, with the Disney Half Marathon just around the corner, I decided to start running so I can at least not be as winded as I was last year.

Yes, I am doing a half marathon within 2 months of my wedding. I even toyed with the idea of doing Long Beach Half as well, but that was 2 weeks before the wedding. I know, crazy. I'm still on the fence about that one but I have a feeling it will be a no.

I think with all this events I should somehow get my tush in gear and start working out more... It isn't about lbs... its about feeling healthier.

Did you set goals for yourself about working out before the wedding?

Monday, July 30, 2007

A party for moi?

I just got an email from my amazing MOH letting me know that everything is in place! I'm extremely excited that we'll be going to one of my favorite places and doing some wine chugging... err... wine tasting! :)

Most of all, I'm looking forward to spending a weekend with some of my favorite people in the world!

What are you doing/done for your bachelor/bachelorette party?

Accessories galore!

Nordstrom is having their anniversary sale and what a great place to check out their jewelry for your big day!!!




Yes, I know they all don't match but I love them equally! :) Now, go shop!

The Flying Trapeze into a tank of sharks?

So, if you figured it out by now, we won't be holed up in our hotel room 24/7 or on a beach wasting the day away...we'll be doing crazy wild things on our honeymoon. In Singapore, we found some more fantastic experiences we are just too giddy about:

The first of its kind in Singapore, The Flying Trapeze aims to set the scene for more excitement and fun for the guests and visitors to Sentosa. This magnificent activity will provide for both audience participation and fantastic entertainment. It is an excellent form of sport and recreation and it helps develop one's mind, body and coordination. But most importantly, it also helps conquer one's fear of height. Source

Then there is this!!!!
In search of thrills and excitement? This dive guide-led program lets you immerse in a colorful world of fascinating deep-sea denizens, and come nose to nose with our ever-vigilant sharks. Watch out for those huge eagle rays hovering above too! Join us whether you’re SCUBA-certified or not. source

And if that wasn't enough...

Sentosa brings you the first ever luge in Southeast Asia. Part go-cart, part-toboggan, pure excitement – the luge is a fun-filled gravity ride that's safe for all ages. With a unique steering and braking system that allows you to make the ride as leisurely or as exciting as you want. Jump on the Sentosa Luge & Skyride and brace yourself for a brand new island resort adventure!
What's more! - Experience the Night Sentosa Luge & Skyride!
If you love the day luge, you will find irresistible with the night ones! Sentosa Luge & Skyride now operates from 10am in the morning all the way till late at night. Come on, discover this new experience now!

I'm just way to excited about all this. When I first found this stuff, my FI was excited, now, he's a bit scared of the trapeze! :) Talk about an experience to last a lifetime!

Tag! I'm it!

I guess I got tagged...

(Thanks to Bride of Rochester... who TAGGED ME...)

Players list 8 facts/habits about themselves. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed. At the end of the post, players then tags 8 people by posting their names and makes sure they know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment at the tagee’s blog.

1. I'm obsessed with planning anything. From room decor to parties, to even how everything on my desk will be even before I have a desk! But even though I'm a planner doesn't mean I'm obsessed with it coming out the way I initially wanted... I do like to roll with the punches!

2. I'm the youngest of five kids...and the only girl! This explains my whole tomboyish behavior!

3. I have a crystal clear memory of the past... but when it comes to remembering stats or textbook trivia I am at a loss for words.

4. I tend to do lots of athletic stuff but can't see myself as an athlete. I've ran 7 half marathons and cycled thousands of miles in the last few years. The main reason I do them is for the medals.

5. If I'm looking for something, it needs to be buried under something, because if it was right in front of me, I wouldn't see it.

6. I'm color blind/deficient. I get blues and greens mixed up. In college, as an art major, I had to visualize them as greys to see them so I can distinguish what was what. When I was diagnosed in kindergarden, the nurse yelled at me because she thought I was fooling around. Later on I realized why she thought that, 0.5% of women in the world are color blind. Are you?

7. I tend to drink from 3-5 cups of coffee in the morning.

8. I absolutely love dessert... it's a must... and it's a habit I don't know if I want to break! :)

A day of meetings...

On Thursday, it was my wedding day... of meetings. Food, cake, and dresses...oh my!

I first went to meet with our alteration lady named Reene. She is a lovely lady and super funny. I finally got to step into my dress and it fit like a glove but it reaffirmed the fact that I had to start working out my upper body! :| oh the joy for strapless gowns. :) She's altering the train and the length and adding a few personal touches I asked for. It felt weird that I was in my actual wedding dress. I guess I just can't get past seeing myself as the bride. I'm sure it will pass!

Our second meeting we went to was with our catering company: DJ's Catering. When we got there, a table was set up for us and food was ready to be brought out. From the salad to the sides... I was in HEAVEN! I loved absolutely everything they had and couldn't imagine anything better. We ironed out all the linen colors... more black! And took care of any last minute questions we had. We saw the floor plan of the set up and how the dance floor is in a different location now. It changes things up a bit but I'm sure it will look beautiful!

The third and final meeting was with the TC's Bakery. We met with one of the owners and tasted five different flavors. Very yummy. Because we weren't picky and the lady was nice we opted to go with them! We'll be having five different types of cupcakes and our own HUGE cupcake for us to cut! I felt a little weird that she didn't right our specs for the custom little cake but I'm sure everything will be okay. That's what last minute confirmation emails and call are for...right?!

So that was our wedding meeting day. Everything went off without a hitch. The only person we didn't go see was the florist but I'm not too concerned about that one. I have less than three months to go... before I will know it, it will be here! Yippee!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Lost and found...

Unpacking has turned up lots of things I stashed long ago... with 99% of it done, I'll be able to go back to my scheduled blogging.

Thanks for being patient! Hooray... it finally feels like home!

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

With the Good, comes the bad...

Good news, we finally got the keys to our house. Bad news, I stubbed my toe and my big toe looks AWFUL. I will not go into detail about the severity of it but will say, my little strappy sandal shoes for the wedding might have to be shelved! :|

I might have to go for a closed toe shoe because of the ugly-ness that will ensue. UCK, I hate feet! The only thing good about them are the pretty things you put on them to HIDE them!

So now I bring you to the top three leading contenders for the new shoe:

Steve Madden:Aventura
I really love this shoe. It's peep toe so I might get away with band aid on big toe to hide it's hideousness! I also love the fact it is a wedge bottom which takes care of the grassy and gravelly areas of the reception. Ohh, it's also 3 3/4" heel. I love that too!
It's completely closed toe but its a little spiky for the heel. I guess I can change to another shoe for the reception! 3 1/2" heel. It's pretty and simple.
Madden Girl:Bonita
Not my favorite, in fact it's only on here because it's a wedge and closed toe.

Uggghh... Why did I have to stub my toe! I really LOVE my other shoes...Maybe I can still try to make it work and still get the first pair for the reception. What do you think?

Source of shoes

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Another package in transit...

After finding out I should be receiving our invitation stamps any day now, I was sifting through emails and found an email from the UPS man. The BM dresses are coming... BUT OH NO, THEY ARE COMING TO MY OLD RESIDENCE. I quickly called up my old apartment complex (just moved out literally 3 days ago) to see if they could hold it for me for a day. Usually they are nice but this lady didn't realize the IMPORTANCE of this package. I politely explained what it was and that I'd be able to pick it up right after it was signed for. She said she'd make a note of it but just to be safe, I'll be monitoring the UPS website, tracking that package's every move until it's resting in my arms. Funniest thing about it is that it's delivery date is exactly 3 month mark till the wedding! Okay, it isn't that funny, more like amusing! :)

I can't wait to see the dress and how they turned out. I'm 99.999% they are beautiful, but until then, I'm still going to be wondering!

How I love my Labels...

I think labels go hand in hand with planning. So when I opened up my mailbox last night and found a package from Vista Print, I yelped out a "Hooray!" When I opened the package I was taken back how much I loved them. I used our logo and lettering for the text to match each other. I know, why did I order them instead of making them? Simple. Because they would have cost the same price (buying labels, spending time to print...yada yada yada). It came out just aroun 10$ (5.99 for labels + shipping). If you didn't want to buy labels, they have free rubber stamps! I ordered one of them too just in case I ran out of these labels!

I have to say that I've used Vista Print for a long time and over the years they have been really good to me. The one time my order was wrong, they expressed shipped a new order within 5 days. They have always been polite and courteous and the prices out of this world! Okay... I'm done. Onto our RSVP labels.

I think I'm finally getting excited about the invitations...YIPPEE!!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Good things...

Our Invitation stickers have been ordered and our graffiti-ized envelopes are in transit from our Calligrapher Monica's hands to ours!! Hooray! Count down in T minus 2 weeks where operation Invitation will take place! :)

I'm in love...

I'm not talking about my FI. I'm in love with another... object! Dying to move into the house, I have fallen in love with a table. Yes, the Sourav Dining Table. I love its uneven top. I love its beautiful color. I love the old world feel to it. I'm in love and my FI can't stop me from coveting it!

This table has been on topic of debate in our household. While it is lovely in all shapes and forms, my FI keeps pushing other tables to me and knowing me, I push back and fall in love with this table more!

When you were setting up shop together, what was the one thing you HAD to have...and did you get your way?

Covering up...

To combat any reason not to stay and party till the cows come home (off subject, but I never understood that, where were the cows all day?) at our reception, we decided we needed to get shawls for our guests. Upon searching high and low on the Internet, I almost gave up. That is until I remembered to check our my favorite buying site in the world: Amazon!

That is where I found this great find! Get 10 Black Pseudo-pashmina 100% Viscose Scarves Shawls for 19$. Okay, I don't know what all that is.. but considering I'd be happy with basic fabric to wrap up our guests I didn't care if they were real pashminas or not. They only come in black but that is fine, that is all I wanted anyhow.

They came two days ago, within 3 days of ordering them and THEY ARE WONDERFUL! I realized I'll have to snip off the tags and wrap them up with some ribbon to display but all in all, I think it's a great steal! :)

Hooray for Amazon!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Wanna be a millionaire's bridesmaid?

The Details of Eva Longoria's Wedding Goody Bag
I didn't see this yet...

It’s common practice for brides to thank their bridesmaids with a gift, but for Eva Longoria, who wed her beau Tony Parker in an elegant ceremony on July 7 in Paris, she couldn’t thank them enough.

“These girls are like sisters to me,” Eva tells OK! of the nine close friends she selected to follow her down the aisle, “sisters of the heart.” And when it came to showing her gratitude for her friends, Eva truly went all out. From the practical — a $9 Phaidon travel guide to Paris so the guests could enjoy their weekend, and cameras from Casio so they'd all have great photos of the event — to the extravagant — $2,600 in jewelry from Lia Sophia, including a $1,500 clear crystal baguette bracelet — the Desperate Housewives star spared no expense.

Among the pricier gifts included in the basket were a pair of earrings from H. Stern, valued at $1,000 and personalized diamond pendants with each bridesmaid's initials from Kacey K Designs worth $1,050. “We really wanted to create an experience for our guests,” Eva explains to OK!. “The wedding was all about them having fun.”

"The theme was 'Eva's Favorite Things'," explains Eva's good friend and stylist Robert Verdi, who helped the brunette beauty put the packages together. "Originally, all the products were going to be red — just like the bridesmaids' dresses." However, that plan soon expanded to include gifts that were white in color and made elsewhere. "Eva is always game for something interesting," Robert tells OK!. "She was very excited by the whole process of putting these gifts together for her nearest and dearest friends."

The gifts were presented to Eva's bridesmaids the night before the wedding at a slumber party in Eva's hotel room. "Three of the girls started crying," Robert tells OK!. "It was like being on one of Oprah's 'Favorite Things' episodes!"

Assorted Mints from Altoids $10.00
Baccarat Crystal Heart Bracelet $225.00
Casio Cameras $300.00
Chic In Paris: Style Secrets & Best Addresses by Susan Tabak $28.00
Dearfoam Slippers $25.00
Deborah Lippman Nail Polish Kit $80.00
H. Stern Earrings $1,000.00
Hayden Harnett Makeup Bag $65.00
Kacey K Pendants $1,050.00
Poivre Piquant and Piment Brulant Fragrances from L'Artisan $170.00
Laura Mercier Cosmetics $99.00
Lierac Skin Care Products $119.00
Laurel Denise Necklace $108.00
LG Chocolate Phone $150.00
Longchamp Bag $120.00
Luca Luca Gift Certificate $500.00
Madame Paulette Spot Cleaning Kit $50.00
Phaidon Paris City Guide $9.00
Phyto Hair Care Products $92.00
Sally Beauty Supply Nails Manicure Kit $12.00
Swarovski Crystal-Encrusted iPod Shuffle $150.00
Totes Umbrella $25.00
Piper Heidsieck Champagne $5.00
White & Warren Wraps $200.00
Flora Nikrooz Nightgown $200.00
Alain Mikli Sunglasses $500.00
Michel Cluizel Chocolate $75.00
Plantronics Headsets $53.00
Lia Sophia Red Crystal Deco Ring $150.00
Lia Sophia Clear Crystal Baguette Bracelet $1,500.00
Lia Sophia White Cabachon Earrings $200.00
Lia Sophia Crystal Ring $75.00
Lia Sophia Crystal Panel Bracelet $675.00

Total: $8,020!

I love my bridesmaids... but apparently not as much as Eva loves hers! :)

Too Faced...

I wish I was rich. Not because if I was rich I could have a big house or an elaborate wedding. In fact, I'd have the wedding I'm having now!

I wish I was rich so I can buy more goodies for our wedding party. You see, this bride, finished her bridal party gifts ages ago. They are sitting in a wedding container waiting for me wrap up. Now since I absolutely love makeup, I found the coolest makeup palette kit by Two Faced at Sephora.
Palette includes three 0.21 oz eyeshadows in teal, champagne, and pink shimmers; four 0.14 oz lip colors in champagne shimmer, golden pink shimmer, pink, and bronze shimmer; and a 0.22 oz cheek color in peach, plus a double-ended brush and shadow applicators.

When I first starting snatching up goodies for my beautiful girls, I really wanted to get a palette like this one but after I found one of the really cool finds, I had to forgo this idea.

What did you end up getting your bridal party?

Monumental days...

I remember when I first got engaged I thought about what milestones were mentally important to me. While our engagement session was fun, it wasn't a big deal. But when our parents met for the first time, that was monumental. I didn't realize how great it was to have an engagement party. Something I didn't think would be, really turned out to be a great day throughout this period of time.

Today is one of those days. We have 99 days to go before we are husband and wife. I never thought the year would fly by so quickly or that the wait would ever hit double digits. I think the next biggest day would be our first RSVP reply. :)

Did you think anything of how many days left to your big day or did it just come and go without you noticing?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Anticipation is killing me...

We're still waiting and waiting to move into the house and I feel like I'm going crazy with the amount of little projects I want to work on! :) While I have done almost everything for the wedding already, the one big task to do is work on my invitations. I think after the fiasco of Rocco (the cat) dumping water all over them the first time, I haven't wanted to trying working on them again.

What was the one project you put off till the last minute because you just didn't want to do it?

A Spa for the Body and the Soul

One of the many things we wanted to do on our vacation was take advantage of the superior spa services Bali has to offer. We found this great spa in Ubud Called Bali Botanica. Apparently it's one of the best!

Bali Top 10 Spas - BEST BETS 2007-2008
Along with the Ritz Carlton Spa, The Spa at Bulgari Hotels and Resort, Prana Spa and others, Bali Botanica Day Spa has been selected top ten and we are of course very proud! Here's what they say about us…

Bali Botanica Day Spa
Ideally located, serene and genuinely healing, this is a wonderful experience at a guilt-free price. Well trained, focused staff, empowered through yoga and meditation, administer outstanding therapies. Ayurvedic treatments are world-class, especially the Chakra-balancing warm oil massage for instant and lasting stillness!

We found this amazing package that we are booking! I think we'll be booking it the day after our wild adventures riding elephants and cycling through the rice patties. :)
Transportation from your hotel (in Ubud area) and a healthy juice upon arrival while your consultation with our representative.

First Treatment
*Ayurveda - Chakra Dhara Massage
In India, Ayurveda means '' The Science of Life ''. It is a holistic science that is more than five thousand years old and is believed to be the oldest healing therapy.
Ayurveda focuses on prevention, longevity and natural healing. It promotes circulation, increases flexibility and relieves pain and stiffness.

*back oil drippingchakra dara
An important part of the Ayurvedic massage is called ''Chakra Dhara'', this consists of dripping approximately one liter of warm herbal oil on the chakras (key energy points of the body) in order to balance the energy flow and purify the body, mind and spirit.

Our therapist will skillfully treat your body with an array of repetitive and slow movements such as kneading, squeezing and rubbing. This will eliminate toxins and other impurities trapped inside you. After this treatment you will feel wonderful! This treatment last 2.5 hours

*Botanica Tropical Spa Lunch
A special three course light menu is prepared and served to our
guests at a near by restaurant. (Walking distance)

*Herbal Botanica Facial
This age-old treatment softens, moisturizes and firms the skin while promoting new cell growth. First we apply a refreshing milk cleanser. This is followed by a peeling and exfoliation treatment using a natural herbal scrub.
herbal botanica facial
Next, a face, neck and shoulder massages with a steam treatment followed by manual extraction. Then, as we apply a facemask relax deeply for 15 minutes while it does its wonderful work! The treatment concludes with an application of refreshing iced towel and moisturizing cream.

Herbal Body Scrub and Therapeutic Bath
Cleaning in depth!
Even though our bodies are washed daily, dead skin remains and clogs the millions of pores allowing the whole body to breathe properly. Botanica's exfoliants are made of 100% natural products.
*Lulur scrub - rice powder, turmeric and sandal wood - moisturizer - fresh yogurt
*Milk scrub - milk base exfoliant - moisturizer - fresh yogurt
*Coffee scrub - Coffee exfoliant - moisturizer - fresh papaya
*Choice of bath:
Bath of milk, fresh flowers and essential oil
Bath of spices - herbs, clove, cinnamon
Bath of sea salt and star anis

This treatment with bath last 40 minutes
End of journey!
To find out what other amazing treatments they have, check Bali Bontatica's website!

101 days...

That is how many days left before we are "LEAVING... ON A JET PLANE... DON'T KNOW WHEN WE'LL BE BACK AGAIN..." Sorry, had to break out in song. Why? Because it is also 100 days to our wedding! YEA! EEK! YEA!

I realized with so many planning of the wedding I needed to start looking at things to do on our honeymoon. I can not stand lounging on the beach for 7 days. I'd rather go back to work to be honest with you! Call it the sugar addict kid in me, I can't stand not doing something. Sure, you say bring books or you won't want to do anything. Trust me, I am always wanting to do something, even when I'm dead tired.

Anywho, I decided I'm going to start posting my ideas I found on the net. This first one I found on Bali Adventure Tours. One of coworkers has used them before and highly recommended them!


7.30 - 9.00am hotel pick up times (approximate)

This fantastic fun filled tour is Bali's best value for a day of action and excitement. Starting in the full view of Mt Batur Volcano cycle your way through some of the Islands most beautiful scenery, leading you directly into the Elephant Safari Park. Here your own elephant awaits you to take you on a 35 minute safari through the forest of Taro. A full buffet lunch is served overlooking the elephant bathing lake. Feel free to hand feed and interact with these gentle giants. Later, transfer to our famous White Water Rafting on the Ayung River. Here you will travel through exotic landscape down 27 sets of class II-III rapids for approximately 1.5 hrs of exciting rafting. This tour is popular for all the family.
Tour includes: air conditioned hotel transfers, insurance, all equipment, park entrance, Elephant Safari ride and lunch.

HOW AWESOME IS THIS! Not only do I get to cycle on a different continent (YIPPIE!!!!!!) but also get to go river rafting and RIDE AN ELEPHANT?! Oh my gosh! Talk about a dream come true! If this was all we were doing as far as adventures I'd be stoked but there is much more to come!

Have you have anything wild planned for your honeymoon?

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

21 Great Bridal Beauty Tips

In the early morning, after rolling out of bed and heading straight to the computer (oh gosh, I am such a geek) I was filtering through my emails and came across one from iVillage. It was all about weddings and lots of yummy links. I found this great article about beauty tips I just had to share!

Look your best with our best wedding day hair and makeup advice.
Written by the Knot Girls

1. Waterproof It
Choose a mascara that's waterproof; it lasts longer and withstands tears. If you really don't like the look or feel, use one coat of regular mascara, then follow up with a light coat of waterproof mascara.

2. On the Line
Charcoal, navy, or mahogany are your best options for eyeliner. Black or brown may look too severe, especially if your wedding will be held during the daytime and/or outdoors.

3. Lighten Up
Use a white shadow as a highlighter on your brow bone if you have light skin; a warmer light peach or vanilla shade will suit deeper complexions.

4. Give Them Shape
Do contour your eyes, but avoid using color that's too dense (it can detract from your eyes themselves).

5. Shade Your Brows
Define your brows with a pencil or shadow that matches your hair color.

6. Get the Red Out
Pop an eye drop if your eyes look red or tired, but stick with a brand you've used before to avoid unwelcome surprises (irritation or worse!).... read more here

So many great ideas that I had to share. Whether you are doing your own makeup or not, it helps explain why you should use these tips!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Chicken scratch...

I have "okay" handwriting but like most other brides out there, I wanted a calligrapher fancy up my invitations. I wanted the swirls and the pizazz and the hoopla with all the nifty writing that comes with that. After seeing my pretty little budget, I realized I just didn't have the juice to hire anyone. That was until I was gifted with a free calligrapher from one of my friends. HOW SWEET!!!

But I know not everyone is as lucky as I am. So I realized I still needed to do some research on costs and styles. On Calligraphy by Maryanne, she has almost all the different styles one can use. From the flourishes to the italic calligraphy you learned in junior high.

On Carta Bella Calligraphy, the outer envelopes are $1.50 each and inner envelopes are $0.50 each, with discounts given when you order your invitations through them. Pretty good price and looks like beautiful penmanship.

Then I found another site:About Invitations and their prices. With examples of their work, it seems pretty reasonable. Their prices are 2.00$ for the outer envelope and .50$ for the inner envelope. They also do place cards and much more!

I found other sites but they seemed to be around the same area of pricing. From 2.00$ to 4.00 you'd get both inner and outer envelopes done. Depending on who you went with. Yes, a bit pricey for just writing but it is the first impression you make on your guests.

Other places where you can find deals is perhaps craigslist or a local university's art department or take a class at your local stationary store or buy a book like Learn Calligraphy from your book store. Here is another site for learning calligraphy on your own.

How are you addressing your invitations?

Monday, July 16, 2007

The Art of the Curl...

I can't seem to want to look for hairstyles for myself. I know what I want. Half up/half down for the ceremony and then for reception down except for a barrette on one side. I think because I that this idea in my head and I've done my hair like both of these ways, with curls... I'd rather do it myself than let someone else do it. Perhaps it my bad prom experience that the lady who spent 2 hours curling it, that once I got home all the curls was gone cause she didn't do my hair right! I don't know. I'm going to get it done and even have a trial because I'm suppose to, even though I don't want to! :)

Back to subject at hand, I'm concerned about what to do with our bridesmaids beautiful medium length hair. I found a few styles that I like but not sure if they would like them... So in keeping with the tradition of posting images for the sake of bookmarking them... Here they are:

My thoughts: I love this one...It's casual with a romantic vibe to it!

My thoughts: The closest one to my hair... I love the old school vibe! Love it too!

My thoughts: The most upswept 'do! Very lovely, but maybe a little too much? I thought about instead of that big clip, maybe a flower or something to soften it. Then I'd love this one too!

My thoughts: The most natural of them all... and very charismatic! Okay... I love them all!!!!

Did you dictate how your BMs are going to have their hair? Which one is your favorite?

Exotic and exciting...

Today I got to try something that's been on my "list of things to do for the year" for a number of years. I got to try a durian! I heard about it ages ago how this fruit smelled like dirty socks but tasted sweet and I knew before I died I had to taste it!

Well, today was my lucky day, one of my co-workers brought some in and we headed outdoors to taste! Yes, outdoors, apparently it is that smelly that we can't eat inside! EEK! When we got to our benches far enough away from the building we sat and she sliced us a piece. The smell reminded me of overly ripe nectarines. Nothing too bad though. And as far as taste? Think of it like this: take a cup of sugar, a nectarine, and a half a cup of whipping cream and blend it together. It's super sweet and really creamy. I LOVED IT!

All this did was refuel my excitement for our honeymoon where part A will be in Singapore! The photo is of Singapore's Convention Center, modeled after the durian fruit! A country after my heart! The "dirty sock" fruit reminded me of all the exotic culture that we will get to see and taste. So many different cultures are blended in Singapore without losing it's true identity! 105 more days until I'll be tasting fresh durian! HOORAY!

Though this fruit wasn't the main reason we choose to go to Southeast Asia for our Honeymoon, I think the allure of what pulled me to wanting to try that tasty fruit is the same reason we choose the places we are going! How did you pick your honeymoon site?

Source of photo

Cakes Galore

If I wanted to have a groom's cake, I think my FI would kill me. On top of all the cupcakes and the small cake on top of all the cupcakes in shape of a cupcake, we are having a faux cake on our Candy Bar. So if I suggested having another cake on top of that, he would probably find a cake and just chuck it at me! But who says I can dream of having one at one of our faux weddings I'm planning in my head! :) I blame Steel Magnolias! No, I never wanted Pink to be my signature color but I did love the idea of a blood read armadillo!

Here are some cool ones I found on the net!





Are you doing a groom's cake? If so, what is it going to be about?


In the midst of our house issues... "will escrow ever close?"... I got an email from our Calligrapher asking about some names. Apparently she is almost through with all of them and will be shipping them back to us in a few days! HOORAY!!!

I think once I'm in the house I'll be able prioritize my task list. Okay, kidding, I have no lists since I'm 90% done with everything... well, except our invitations and our Wedding Newspaper but we'll get into that more later.


Friday, July 13, 2007

Trash the dress...

I'm extremely tempted to trash my dress... as in THIS. While I love my dress, I love the fact it is simply just a dress. Nothing more. It isn't like I'm going to be wearing it again and again. And yes, however expensive it is... How fun would it be?! I can't seem find find a con to do it. Perhaps I'll inquire with our photog if he's interested in doing a session. I wonder if I get a discount? heehee...

All photos found here.


First there was the knot where you can sound off, but then it got a messy and I can barely navigate that site... Next there was some bridal site that lived for about a year that had about 1/3 of all the venders in Southern California. Then came Project Wedding! Granted it is new but it is an amazing directory where brides and sound off on their vendors, good or bad! After my wedding, I'll head over to give praises to everyone who deserved it! Will you be doing vendor reviews after yours? If so, where you posting it?

OCD... or just a good planner?

Yes, I think of everything. I thought about how my reception will be outdoors, will I need umbrellas for the cake? Will there be enough light in the evening other than candles to have a decent video without him toting around a huge light? Do we have enough selections for food? Is there an adequate map with a "Things To Do" list at the end of my programs since I have a bit of a gap between ceremony and reception?

And then it struck me, one of the biggest things I didn't think of (I can't believe I didn't see this one before) was the fact it IS an outdoor reception on grass.


I mean I thought about it but only about me and my bridesmaids (I know, right? Totally selfish of me!) I can see it now, all our females guests sinking and getting stuck... some falling backwards, others forwards, and some just say screw it and kick off their heels and shoot us the evil eye! EEK!

Then it struck me I made the ultimate mistake on my mock invitations and listed the reception venue on the actual invitation instead on an insert. So, luckily I caught it with enough time to fix and now much make reception cards. Shouldn't be too difficult but how can you tell your guests that heels are a bit dangerous!

I guess I could make up some funny little poem thing but I may be crafty but I am NOT poetic. Did you ever come up with this issue and how did you tell your guests?

Place Cards Here

Have I ever told you how much I hate card boxes? Most wedding I go to are just the typical wedding card box that costs around a million dollars for something boring and white... AND that you will NEVER USE AGAIN! Nope...you evil wedding industry can't fool me! I think that is one of the main reason a lot of the things we are doing doesn't yell out "WEDDING" on it.

However, I did want something for cards to go so we don't lose anything. Yes, I am even trying to organize my gift table! I thought about using just a basket but didn't have any lying around that were small enough. And then I thought about a Wine Carry Case! (After the wedding I can make a keepsake box just big enough put items I couldn't scrapbook and out of harms way!)


Now I know there is that divider in those type of cases but surely with a little elbow grease and a knife I could rip that sucker out of there! I think perhaps I'll have to make a little sign I can hang from the edges that say place cards here and I'm still wondering if I just leave the top open or make a slit for people to push the cards through? What do you think?

Are you doing anything different to your card box?

Thursday, July 12, 2007

A little nerves...

Am I the only one that is nervous about taking my dress into the alteration lady? After ordering my dress online and waiting for it come, and the wrong dress coming...waiting some more, and when the dress finally came, I realized I forgot one crucial CON to ordering online. You can only order color and size... nothing else.

Now, faced with the predicament of my dress now having to be altered because even with my 10' heels (okay, lie. they are 3.75') i still need to take off 4-5 inches of a dress that is made of lace and is scalloped on the bottom. HELLO! WHAT WAS I THINKING!?! I'm worried my dress will be ruined and I'll lose my little scallops I love so much. I already have some ideas how to change it a little more too since a big dress warehouse it trying to pawn off my dress and I don't want to look like every other bride. :( Also I need to add my little brooch my parents bought me and absolutely adore.

And because I am adding on that brooch, can I still get away with my crystal scalloped necklace? Or now am I thrown to the pearl side of bridal jewelry? Don't forget my pretty little pearl grape brooch on my bouquet.

You ever get worried how they'll cut up your dress? Will it be a happy ending to my humpty dumpty dress? Hope so!


Apparently someone other on MSNBC is reading my blog. (okay, just kidding...i have no clue if anyone is reading it...) I woke up bright and early as usual and headed to my lap top to check the latest in headlines (gotta pretend I at least know what newsworthy) and low and behold, on the big links was to an article about Budget-minded Brides. Upon reading it, it went on to glorify good 'ol Costco and it's budget friendly ways! Below is an excerpt from the article:

The big-box discounters are expanding their wedding-related offerings and promotions as well, in the hopes of luring brides, already comfortable with registering for gifts at the giant retailers, to also consider buying anything from a dress to a cake.
The moves come as the average cost of a wedding has reached $27,852, according to a study by Conde Nast Bridal Media.
Target, already known for its “cheap chic” suits, T-shirts and other items, began offering wedding dresses on its Web site this year for as little as $89.99. That’s a far cry from the thousands of dollars brides routinely spend on the single-use gowns.
Minneapolis-based Target also is offering discounted wedding shoes, veils, gloves, flower girl baskets, guest books and other wedding accessories. Company officials say they have been pleased with sales so far.
“We’re seeing the recognition from our guests that high fashion doesn’t have to mean high price,” spokeswoman Amy von Walter said.

It even talks about Target and Sam's Club on how they are saving couples a few bucks! If you want to read the whole article... follow me!


Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How many meetings can you do in one day?

I'm a planner... a multi-task planner. I try my best to thing of not just the big picture but also of all the niddy-gritty details. So when I planned four wedding-related meetings in one day. I left padding for traffic, coffee break, and misc just to be sure I would not be late. So... in two weeks, I will be able to check some major things off my list and feel like I can breathe a bit easier.

Onto my schedule:

10am --first dress fitting. Since I have yet to meet my alteration lady, I padded the schedule with enough time to chat, try on the dress, let her do her thing, and other things people do when they take their dress in.

1145ish --approval centerpieces at florist. Should be the quickest meeting of them all!

1pm --Food tastings of what will be served at dinner for the wedding. Figured 1.5 hours was enough time to eat, finalize details and whatnot.

3pm --The most anticipated meeting of the day. The Cake Tasting. Finalize and write yet another check to another vendor. Just because we are having cupcakes doesn't mean we don't get to taste too! :)

5pm --Laydown and sleep the rest of the day! (somewhere between laying down and sleeping, gotta feed our pet mafia and other misc chores)...

That is my schedule. I wonder how well we can stick with it for that day without being late to any of our meetings... Did you ever double book yourselves with wedding related meetings?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

10 Commandments...

While my mind wonders into endless hallways of imagination, I realized I needed to focus on something to relax and go to bed. So I did my usual routine of flipping through my favorite websites and came accross a great article about the 10 Commandments of Wedding Ceremonies. I laughed hard since it had to do with a Roman Catholic wedding ceremony and I could only wonder what people will think at ours when we bust our the kneelers! :)

Here's an excert of the fabulous article:

1. Thou shall not exceed the length of any standard "Seinfeld" episode (not counting series finales). There is absolutely no reason for everyone to be sitting in a church on a nice summer day for more than a half-hour. The wedding I attended recently was a Filipino wedding (ironically, two out of the four weddings I have gone to in my life have been Filipino) so not only did we have to deal with all of the Catholic traditions including the dreaded communion, but we also had to stand idly by and watch all of the Filipino rituals, like this weird cord ceremony where the bride and groom have to be tied together for half an hour. Plus the officiator was flown in from Manila, was the bride’s uncle, and a freaking bishop in the pope's army—suffice it to say that this man had a lot of wisdom to bestow.


4. Movement shall be kept to a minimum. I understand the importance of standing up to sing because you have to allow all of those great singers to use their diaphragm when they’re belting out those holy choruses, but I don’t understand the tradition of standing up for every little thing during a wedding. Plus, if granny in the wheelchair who is taking up the entire aisle isn't going to stand up, then I'm not either.

...read more here

So this gives me more justification to not do a full ceremony mass and shorten it up a bit. If you could add onto the 10 Commandments, what would you say?

Wedding plan for MEN!!!

I found a great article on how men plan weddings. It's a ten step program from finding the gal, to planning a honeymoon, and even how to behave a wedding!
You are being watched

The biggest difference between your wedding day and any other day in your life is that you are constantly being watched. Nothing you do is free from observation by somebody, so you have to be on your toes. It's like being a celebrity for the day, and you know that nobody likes anything better than embarassing pictures of celebrities, so keep that finger out of your nose! Even if you know exactly where the hired photographer and videographer are at the moment, you can rest assured that some annoying guest with a digital camera and a webpage is just waiting to take some compromising pictures of you.

To read more... go here

Source of Cartoon

A little extra pizazz to my bouquet

I love bouquets of flowers. I think out of all the arrangements I ordered, I was the most excited about my big bouquet of red roses. No, it isn't because I'm a bride and it's all about me... it's because I ADORE flowers and what a better way to celebrate what is suppose to be one of the most memorable days of your life, than toting around a lots of flowers all wrapped up!

Now, red rose bouquets are a dime a dozen, so in order to make it my very own unique bouquet, I ordered a lovely brooch to tie in the theme of a vineyard wedding that will rest on the top portion of the bouquet.

I now present my bouquet bling:

I'm soo excited! Are you adding any personal touches to your bouquet?

Monday, July 9, 2007

It isn't about me...

I don't think a wedding is about the bride at all. I think the only thing that is about the bride and groom are the vows. That being said, I think the wedding is about the family, the friends, united together for one night. This has been my mantra from day one, and because of that, I have always wanted to make this celebration as joyous and low maintenance as possible.

So how can I put our guests at ease at the reception? Emergency baskets in the restrooms to help aid any issues that might arise. It'll have the stereotypical personal hygiene stuff, but what about runs in the stockings? Or broken heels? What if a dancer gets a little to excited on a dance floor and rips something... I want our guests to be as comfortable as possible. Here are a few more ideas to add to the basket:

Baby wipes: To remove or reduce make-up stains on clothing. They also remove lint from clothing and dirt from shoes.

Blotting papers: For unexpected greasy moments.

Clear nail polish: For a torn stocking or loose button.

Hairspray: Also good for runs in stockings.

Masking tape or duct tape: For fallen hems.

Instant Krazy Glue To-Go: A quick fix for broken heels.

Mini sewing kit with safety pins: To temporarily mend fallen hems, broken straps, or small tears.

Pencil: The eraser can be used to secure post earrings.

Sharpie markers: To dab scuffed or scratched leather on shoes, purses, belts, etc.

Tide to Go stick: To attack stains in an instant.


What are you putting in our baskets for your guests?

Costco has everything!!! Part Deux...

Seriously... they do! Not only can you get your invites that I previously blogged about, you can get your floral arrangements too! I'm in awe! For 699.99, you get:
40-Piece Wedding Collection includes:

1 Bridal bouquet
1 Maid of Honor bouquet
4 Brides Maid bouquets
1 Toss Away bouquet
2 Mothers petite hand-tie
12 Corsages
12 Attendant boutonnieres
6 Centerpieces (vases not included)
10 Rose Petal buds

and their guarantee...
Costco.com provides optimal freshness by shipping flowers directly from the farm based design center to your wedding location. Extra care is taken in ensuring that the shipping and packaging system guarantees that your flowers will arrive in 100% perfect condition.

How amazing is that? Anyone using Costco? What's next wedding dresses? :)

All packed up...

I'm sure I'm not the only here who is in my situation. You move into your new home before the wedding and some of the things you registered for are in need of sooner rather than later... What do you do? I'm in that position at the moment. While not wanting to buy off everything on our registry, we realized there were somethings we needed now and shouldn't wait for. Like, towels, bed linens, kitchen utensils. Sure, we could use our old towels, but hey, since we got a little moolah from our engagement party, we decided to use it for what it was intended for, a new game boy! Kidding!

With our trusty gift cards and cash in hand, we galloped into the department store to find the greatest sale of the summer for towels and kitchen accessories! SCORE! With what he had left over, we hopped over to trusty Costco and found amazing sheets and a down blanket that should suffice until someone is kind enough to buy a comforter. Walking around the store, we picked a few other little goodies such as those amazing silicone potholders and mats. If Costco made a registry, we'd be the first in line to sign up!

Once we got home a little guilt hit us, buying stuff from what we registered for so we quickly took those items off and added a few more different household goods. It isn't like people even looked on it yet... wedding is still 110 or something days away! :P (yes, I'm still rationalizing it to myself!)

Have you ever bought any items off your registry before the wedding?

Friday, July 6, 2007

Whimsical Cakes...

Upon further research on what to do with my faux cake for the candy bar, I found some lovely-fun cakes to draw inspiration from...





Posts will become longer after the weekend. We're in the process of moving! :)HOORAY!!!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Unique Invitations...

Going back to my last post about invites... I wanted to explore and find other unique invitations that give it that special touch! I found two very unique touches that was added to a ordinary wedding pocket/folded invitations. Below are two examples, one added a sand dollar and the other added a little silver leaf to the opening of the invite. I think both add that personal touch that gives your guests the feeling that you cared to make a little more special! Whether you add ribbon, your logo, or a personalized sticker/stamp, those are the things that make a ordinary invitation, extraordinary!



My dream shower...

Got any ideas how to drop a hint or two to your bridesmaids on what type of shower you want? Hostess with the Mostess Blog posted a real life party that embodied everything I loved... brocade/damask designs, Bold color combos, lots of matchy matchy! Here is a glimpse of a the beautiful party!

I love Hostess! It has soo many great ideas and design elements that you can add to your everyday life!



I found my invitations for one of my faux weddings! :) If I knew of Indian Wedding Cards I would have gone this route for my real wedding... instead I can dream of using them! They are HUNDREDS of designs for great prices! They even have scrolls!

More info on this card

I found this one and think it is sooo adorable for a spring wedding or even a shower invitation.
More info on this card

I love how they are soo detailed and different from the invites of today! Very Unique!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Another one bites the dust...

Just got back from a friend's wedding in Northern California. Simply beautiful! From the flowers, the food, the centerpieces... everything was divine! We're beat so I'll write more about it tomorrow... Cheers!