Thursday, July 12, 2007

A little nerves...

Am I the only one that is nervous about taking my dress into the alteration lady? After ordering my dress online and waiting for it come, and the wrong dress coming...waiting some more, and when the dress finally came, I realized I forgot one crucial CON to ordering online. You can only order color and size... nothing else.

Now, faced with the predicament of my dress now having to be altered because even with my 10' heels (okay, lie. they are 3.75') i still need to take off 4-5 inches of a dress that is made of lace and is scalloped on the bottom. HELLO! WHAT WAS I THINKING!?! I'm worried my dress will be ruined and I'll lose my little scallops I love so much. I already have some ideas how to change it a little more too since a big dress warehouse it trying to pawn off my dress and I don't want to look like every other bride. :( Also I need to add my little brooch my parents bought me and absolutely adore.

And because I am adding on that brooch, can I still get away with my crystal scalloped necklace? Or now am I thrown to the pearl side of bridal jewelry? Don't forget my pretty little pearl grape brooch on my bouquet.

You ever get worried how they'll cut up your dress? Will it be a happy ending to my humpty dumpty dress? Hope so!

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Still a Miss. said...

I say don’t worry! I had a major change made to my dress and if you go to an experienced seamstress you should have nothing to worry about. It may cost a little for her to save the scallops but if you love them it will be money well spent.