Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Spa for the Body and the Soul

One of the many things we wanted to do on our vacation was take advantage of the superior spa services Bali has to offer. We found this great spa in Ubud Called Bali Botanica. Apparently it's one of the best!

Bali Top 10 Spas - BEST BETS 2007-2008
Along with the Ritz Carlton Spa, The Spa at Bulgari Hotels and Resort, Prana Spa and others, Bali Botanica Day Spa has been selected top ten and we are of course very proud! Here's what they say about us…

Bali Botanica Day Spa
Ideally located, serene and genuinely healing, this is a wonderful experience at a guilt-free price. Well trained, focused staff, empowered through yoga and meditation, administer outstanding therapies. Ayurvedic treatments are world-class, especially the Chakra-balancing warm oil massage for instant and lasting stillness!

We found this amazing package that we are booking! I think we'll be booking it the day after our wild adventures riding elephants and cycling through the rice patties. :)
Transportation from your hotel (in Ubud area) and a healthy juice upon arrival while your consultation with our representative.

First Treatment
*Ayurveda - Chakra Dhara Massage
In India, Ayurveda means '' The Science of Life ''. It is a holistic science that is more than five thousand years old and is believed to be the oldest healing therapy.
Ayurveda focuses on prevention, longevity and natural healing. It promotes circulation, increases flexibility and relieves pain and stiffness.

*back oil drippingchakra dara
An important part of the Ayurvedic massage is called ''Chakra Dhara'', this consists of dripping approximately one liter of warm herbal oil on the chakras (key energy points of the body) in order to balance the energy flow and purify the body, mind and spirit.

Our therapist will skillfully treat your body with an array of repetitive and slow movements such as kneading, squeezing and rubbing. This will eliminate toxins and other impurities trapped inside you. After this treatment you will feel wonderful! This treatment last 2.5 hours

*Botanica Tropical Spa Lunch
A special three course light menu is prepared and served to our
guests at a near by restaurant. (Walking distance)

*Herbal Botanica Facial
This age-old treatment softens, moisturizes and firms the skin while promoting new cell growth. First we apply a refreshing milk cleanser. This is followed by a peeling and exfoliation treatment using a natural herbal scrub.
herbal botanica facial
Next, a face, neck and shoulder massages with a steam treatment followed by manual extraction. Then, as we apply a facemask relax deeply for 15 minutes while it does its wonderful work! The treatment concludes with an application of refreshing iced towel and moisturizing cream.

Herbal Body Scrub and Therapeutic Bath
Cleaning in depth!
Even though our bodies are washed daily, dead skin remains and clogs the millions of pores allowing the whole body to breathe properly. Botanica's exfoliants are made of 100% natural products.
*Lulur scrub - rice powder, turmeric and sandal wood - moisturizer - fresh yogurt
*Milk scrub - milk base exfoliant - moisturizer - fresh yogurt
*Coffee scrub - Coffee exfoliant - moisturizer - fresh papaya
*Choice of bath:
Bath of milk, fresh flowers and essential oil
Bath of spices - herbs, clove, cinnamon
Bath of sea salt and star anis

This treatment with bath last 40 minutes
End of journey!
To find out what other amazing treatments they have, check Bali Bontatica's website!

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