Monday, July 16, 2007

Exotic and exciting...

Today I got to try something that's been on my "list of things to do for the year" for a number of years. I got to try a durian! I heard about it ages ago how this fruit smelled like dirty socks but tasted sweet and I knew before I died I had to taste it!

Well, today was my lucky day, one of my co-workers brought some in and we headed outdoors to taste! Yes, outdoors, apparently it is that smelly that we can't eat inside! EEK! When we got to our benches far enough away from the building we sat and she sliced us a piece. The smell reminded me of overly ripe nectarines. Nothing too bad though. And as far as taste? Think of it like this: take a cup of sugar, a nectarine, and a half a cup of whipping cream and blend it together. It's super sweet and really creamy. I LOVED IT!

All this did was refuel my excitement for our honeymoon where part A will be in Singapore! The photo is of Singapore's Convention Center, modeled after the durian fruit! A country after my heart! The "dirty sock" fruit reminded me of all the exotic culture that we will get to see and taste. So many different cultures are blended in Singapore without losing it's true identity! 105 more days until I'll be tasting fresh durian! HOORAY!

Though this fruit wasn't the main reason we choose to go to Southeast Asia for our Honeymoon, I think the allure of what pulled me to wanting to try that tasty fruit is the same reason we choose the places we are going! How did you pick your honeymoon site?

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dj-anakin said...

We wanted somewhere relaxing and non-touristy. We chose a small bed and breakfast on Kauai, Hawai'i.

Tashi said...
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