Monday, July 30, 2007

A day of meetings...

On Thursday, it was my wedding day... of meetings. Food, cake, and dresses...oh my!

I first went to meet with our alteration lady named Reene. She is a lovely lady and super funny. I finally got to step into my dress and it fit like a glove but it reaffirmed the fact that I had to start working out my upper body! :| oh the joy for strapless gowns. :) She's altering the train and the length and adding a few personal touches I asked for. It felt weird that I was in my actual wedding dress. I guess I just can't get past seeing myself as the bride. I'm sure it will pass!

Our second meeting we went to was with our catering company: DJ's Catering. When we got there, a table was set up for us and food was ready to be brought out. From the salad to the sides... I was in HEAVEN! I loved absolutely everything they had and couldn't imagine anything better. We ironed out all the linen colors... more black! And took care of any last minute questions we had. We saw the floor plan of the set up and how the dance floor is in a different location now. It changes things up a bit but I'm sure it will look beautiful!

The third and final meeting was with the TC's Bakery. We met with one of the owners and tasted five different flavors. Very yummy. Because we weren't picky and the lady was nice we opted to go with them! We'll be having five different types of cupcakes and our own HUGE cupcake for us to cut! I felt a little weird that she didn't right our specs for the custom little cake but I'm sure everything will be okay. That's what last minute confirmation emails and call are for...right?!

So that was our wedding meeting day. Everything went off without a hitch. The only person we didn't go see was the florist but I'm not too concerned about that one. I have less than three months to go... before I will know it, it will be here! Yippee!

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