Monday, July 9, 2007

All packed up...

I'm sure I'm not the only here who is in my situation. You move into your new home before the wedding and some of the things you registered for are in need of sooner rather than later... What do you do? I'm in that position at the moment. While not wanting to buy off everything on our registry, we realized there were somethings we needed now and shouldn't wait for. Like, towels, bed linens, kitchen utensils. Sure, we could use our old towels, but hey, since we got a little moolah from our engagement party, we decided to use it for what it was intended for, a new game boy! Kidding!

With our trusty gift cards and cash in hand, we galloped into the department store to find the greatest sale of the summer for towels and kitchen accessories! SCORE! With what he had left over, we hopped over to trusty Costco and found amazing sheets and a down blanket that should suffice until someone is kind enough to buy a comforter. Walking around the store, we picked a few other little goodies such as those amazing silicone potholders and mats. If Costco made a registry, we'd be the first in line to sign up!

Once we got home a little guilt hit us, buying stuff from what we registered for so we quickly took those items off and added a few more different household goods. It isn't like people even looked on it yet... wedding is still 110 or something days away! :P (yes, I'm still rationalizing it to myself!)

Have you ever bought any items off your registry before the wedding?

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