Friday, July 13, 2007

Place Cards Here

Have I ever told you how much I hate card boxes? Most wedding I go to are just the typical wedding card box that costs around a million dollars for something boring and white... AND that you will NEVER USE AGAIN! evil wedding industry can't fool me! I think that is one of the main reason a lot of the things we are doing doesn't yell out "WEDDING" on it.

However, I did want something for cards to go so we don't lose anything. Yes, I am even trying to organize my gift table! I thought about using just a basket but didn't have any lying around that were small enough. And then I thought about a Wine Carry Case! (After the wedding I can make a keepsake box just big enough put items I couldn't scrapbook and out of harms way!)


Now I know there is that divider in those type of cases but surely with a little elbow grease and a knife I could rip that sucker out of there! I think perhaps I'll have to make a little sign I can hang from the edges that say place cards here and I'm still wondering if I just leave the top open or make a slit for people to push the cards through? What do you think?

Are you doing anything different to your card box?

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