Monday, July 16, 2007

The Art of the Curl...

I can't seem to want to look for hairstyles for myself. I know what I want. Half up/half down for the ceremony and then for reception down except for a barrette on one side. I think because I that this idea in my head and I've done my hair like both of these ways, with curls... I'd rather do it myself than let someone else do it. Perhaps it my bad prom experience that the lady who spent 2 hours curling it, that once I got home all the curls was gone cause she didn't do my hair right! I don't know. I'm going to get it done and even have a trial because I'm suppose to, even though I don't want to! :)

Back to subject at hand, I'm concerned about what to do with our bridesmaids beautiful medium length hair. I found a few styles that I like but not sure if they would like them... So in keeping with the tradition of posting images for the sake of bookmarking them... Here they are:

My thoughts: I love this one...It's casual with a romantic vibe to it!

My thoughts: The closest one to my hair... I love the old school vibe! Love it too!

My thoughts: The most upswept 'do! Very lovely, but maybe a little too much? I thought about instead of that big clip, maybe a flower or something to soften it. Then I'd love this one too!

My thoughts: The most natural of them all... and very charismatic! Okay... I love them all!!!!

Did you dictate how your BMs are going to have their hair? Which one is your favorite?

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Bride of Rochester said...

I love love love that first one!