Wednesday, July 25, 2007

With the Good, comes the bad...

Good news, we finally got the keys to our house. Bad news, I stubbed my toe and my big toe looks AWFUL. I will not go into detail about the severity of it but will say, my little strappy sandal shoes for the wedding might have to be shelved! :|

I might have to go for a closed toe shoe because of the ugly-ness that will ensue. UCK, I hate feet! The only thing good about them are the pretty things you put on them to HIDE them!

So now I bring you to the top three leading contenders for the new shoe:

Steve Madden:Aventura
I really love this shoe. It's peep toe so I might get away with band aid on big toe to hide it's hideousness! I also love the fact it is a wedge bottom which takes care of the grassy and gravelly areas of the reception. Ohh, it's also 3 3/4" heel. I love that too!
It's completely closed toe but its a little spiky for the heel. I guess I can change to another shoe for the reception! 3 1/2" heel. It's pretty and simple.
Madden Girl:Bonita
Not my favorite, in fact it's only on here because it's a wedge and closed toe.

Uggghh... Why did I have to stub my toe! I really LOVE my other shoes...Maybe I can still try to make it work and still get the first pair for the reception. What do you think?

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