Monday, July 23, 2007

Covering up...

To combat any reason not to stay and party till the cows come home (off subject, but I never understood that, where were the cows all day?) at our reception, we decided we needed to get shawls for our guests. Upon searching high and low on the Internet, I almost gave up. That is until I remembered to check our my favorite buying site in the world: Amazon!

That is where I found this great find! Get 10 Black Pseudo-pashmina 100% Viscose Scarves Shawls for 19$. Okay, I don't know what all that is.. but considering I'd be happy with basic fabric to wrap up our guests I didn't care if they were real pashminas or not. They only come in black but that is fine, that is all I wanted anyhow.

They came two days ago, within 3 days of ordering them and THEY ARE WONDERFUL! I realized I'll have to snip off the tags and wrap them up with some ribbon to display but all in all, I think it's a great steal! :)

Hooray for Amazon!

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Still a Miss. said...

what a steal! I am going to check this out right now!