Thursday, July 19, 2007

Anticipation is killing me...

We're still waiting and waiting to move into the house and I feel like I'm going crazy with the amount of little projects I want to work on! :) While I have done almost everything for the wedding already, the one big task to do is work on my invitations. I think after the fiasco of Rocco (the cat) dumping water all over them the first time, I haven't wanted to trying working on them again.

What was the one project you put off till the last minute because you just didn't want to do it?


Still a Miss. said...

Too many to count! HA! But I too am starting the fun task of moving and I just started on my programs. I still need to print them and get them all put together. Oh Joy!

Bride of Rochester said...

omg. literally, almost everything. cakes especially. we could not find a place we were 100% happy with. but i still need to finish both diy favors, book a salon, programs, (and so on), and as of today we are 1 month to go and counting.
i think i just had a heart attack.