Friday, July 13, 2007

OCD... or just a good planner?

Yes, I think of everything. I thought about how my reception will be outdoors, will I need umbrellas for the cake? Will there be enough light in the evening other than candles to have a decent video without him toting around a huge light? Do we have enough selections for food? Is there an adequate map with a "Things To Do" list at the end of my programs since I have a bit of a gap between ceremony and reception?

And then it struck me, one of the biggest things I didn't think of (I can't believe I didn't see this one before) was the fact it IS an outdoor reception on grass.


I mean I thought about it but only about me and my bridesmaids (I know, right? Totally selfish of me!) I can see it now, all our females guests sinking and getting stuck... some falling backwards, others forwards, and some just say screw it and kick off their heels and shoot us the evil eye! EEK!

Then it struck me I made the ultimate mistake on my mock invitations and listed the reception venue on the actual invitation instead on an insert. So, luckily I caught it with enough time to fix and now much make reception cards. Shouldn't be too difficult but how can you tell your guests that heels are a bit dangerous!

I guess I could make up some funny little poem thing but I may be crafty but I am NOT poetic. Did you ever come up with this issue and how did you tell your guests?


Laura said...

Honestly I would somehow mention that it's an outdoor garden wedding and let your guests do the math for themselves. But I recently attended a garden wedding wearing stilettos and had no problems - the ground was fairly firm and I took careful steps. No mishaps to speak of. I wouldn't worry too much. I think it would take a lot to talk the ladies into wearing flats with a fancy cocktail dress, even if they think their heels might sink they'll probably wear 'em anyway.

J. said...

we welcome you to our special occasion,
however the reception takes place on the grass,
don the proper shoes,
else ye may fall on your ass

J. said...

Roses are red,
violets are blue,
the reception's outside,
wear the right shoe.

J. said...

The ground may be squishy
So please wear some flats
Heels are for sissies
With big picture hats

Take caution, my friends
The ground, I do fear
Could cause you to fall
and spill all your beer

Your calves look fantastic
You don't need to be taller
If you wear stilettos
You could be the next faller