Friday, June 22, 2007

Faux Wedding Cake

We aren't having a HUGE wedding cake. Instead, we are having a HUGE Cupcake stand with tons of cupcakes and a small cake (that looks like a cupcake) on top for us to cut! But nevertheless, I still wanted a pretty three tier cake for decoration. Okay, I know, this is rather frivolous to spend $$$$ of something that no one will eat so we (or more like I) are going to make a fake cake.

Our Fake cake will be covered in Fondant and place on our Candy Bar. :) I'm envisioning using Styrofoam as my tiers and for decoration on the white fondant, using candy for decoration. Kinda like a gingerbread house... Something for looks, not for the tummy. It will act as the centerpiece of the table. Who will be making this masterpiece, me and my nieces! While I was looking for inspirations, I found a few non-traditional cakes... Are you doing anything out of the ordinary for your pretty desserts?

Mario Cake Source
Ding Dong Cake
Ice Cream Cone Cake

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