Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Labelling your party

I live to be organized in life. While my desk is a mess, my entire wedding is planned out to the T. For every game plan, there is plan B, C, and D for just-in-case scenarios. I never wanted to feel I never had enough time for anything when it comes down to the wire, I try to do everything I can in advance... regardless if it is 10 weeks or 4 months. Better to be safe than sorry, right?

I also hate paying for something I know is cake to make. It isn't that I'm a cheapskate, I endulge with the best of them. But I figured if I could make something that is esspecially from me, than that is always the best option. Case in point, my bridal party T-shirts. You can find them at wedding channel for as much as 25$ or you can go the DIY route and spend less then 8$ a piece!

So, first I went to Jiffy Shirts and ordered our bridal party American Apparel Shirts. (sidenote: as much as I might thing the owner/ex-owner? is a little sleazy, I think the company should get lots of gold stars for promoting a great work enviroment and amazing pay for its employees.) Next I ordered the iron-on letters from Star98.

Once everything arrived, I cut up the letters and assembled them into words...

...and ironed away! TADA!!!!

And because I didn't want my FI to feel left out, I made one for him.

And just for kicks, this is the back of it:

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