Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Fancy feet

I admit it. I'm a shoe-aholic! I love shoes. All things unique and TALL! Since my FI is 6ft, and I'm a tall 5ft 4in, I can indulge in snapping stilettos and super tall heals. For my wedding, I choose an amazing pair of Steve Maddens in Silver. While I love them and all, I'm a little worried that since my reception is outdoors I might sink backwards in the earth and create an embarrassing scene in front of my world! Did this visualization stop me from buying my shoes. NOPE!

Now... I found another shoe that might do the trick... a thicker heal. I dunno if it's better or not, but I do like it. Not as snazzy but it would do.

But I guess none of this matters now since I can't wear either one at the moment. After last weekend brush with death (okay it wasn't really that bad... but it hurt like it was) with a stingray no shoe will fit on my larger-than-life foot. I could make up a superhero story how I jumped in front of it to save little kids from getting stung but I hate lying. It was my luck that of all the people in my ocean swim clinic, I was the one that was "fortunate" to step on it. Now 9 days later, my foot is bigger than a grapefruit and doesn't want to bend, much less wanting to try on fancy little shoes! BOO...

In any case, coming back from my little tangent, what would you do, go with style and pizazz on a shoe NO ONE will really see, or go with something more chunky that would save you some embarrassment from eating it in the middle of "the best day of your life!?"

Ya, I know what answer I logically should pick... but still... they are OH SO PRETTY!!!

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