Friday, June 15, 2007

Up all Night...

There are moments in your life where you just can't sleep. It could be work you left on your desk awaiting you the next day, or too much coffee at 10pm. For me, it's my wonderment on the whole marriage life.

This year has gone by SO fast sometimes I feel like I can't catch my breath. It isn't that I'm stressed, it is the realization that it is June and in less than five months I'll add a little 'r' to my 'Ms'. It's the wondering what it is going to be like six months from now, where I'm married and I can't even rationalize how I can still be considered a young adult (even though I'm 28).

Being non-married, people look at you with that: "oh, she's inexperienced in life." Being married, you get that "they're responsible" look. Crazy how one little piece of paper and a few words can change your entire life. From how you live, to how you are viewed. I remember when I got engaged, I started to get that look, but I know it must evolve into another look. Something more established.

With all the excitement of being engaged and preparing for a marriage, you start to see the big picture of life a little more clearly. I understood all of this could come in time, but I guess I never thought that people's take on me would change too.

Have you noticed it too or is all this just figments of my imagination?


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