Sunday, June 3, 2007


With my engagement party just hours away, I decided to go down the LA Flower District to get all the necessary blooms to create my Yellow centerpieces.

With cash in hand a buck extra for admission, my FI and I woke up in the bloody wee hours in the morning to get first pickings of the day. (Hours for Saturday 0600 to 1200) We found LOTS of beautiful flowers and I wanted to buy them all!

For our centerpieces, I opted these white flower pots.

  1. Place Floral Foam inside to help keep the flowers from falling over

  2. Place differnt types of flowers in pot and fill up with water

Tada... Now you have inexpensive easy to create centerpieces that once you are finished, you can reuse the pots for other gardening adventures!

We also made some letter Wreaths. We made cutouts out of sytrofoam and then painted the edges black. Then we punched holes and slid flowers into the holes until it covered the entire space! Because it was so light, we were able to use the thick double stick foam and it worked perfectly!

How long did the flowers last on those wreaths? They were PERFECT the next day! Hooray!!!

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