Thursday, June 7, 2007

Wedding Party Newsletter

We have 10 people in our wedding party, 5 on each side. We have lots of things we want to do throughout the weekend and realized all of them have lives of their own. With less than five months to go, we needed to give heads up to them to plan accordingly, esspecially if they are travelling from afar.

I also work daily on a computer so when I go home to go play on my computer, I have the most minamil programs. No Adobe Illustrator, no photoshop here. Just Word and MS Paint. So if you think you need fancy programs to make a newsletter, think again!

Presenting our non-fancy newsletter:

Our first page is a photo from our engagement photo session. The fancy title was word art and some clip art from here.

This is the inside of the newsletter. We added contact information of our wedding party, what they will be wearing (i added some flowers to go with their outfits), and calendar of events. How did I do my layouts? I inserted tables with two columns and multiple rows. Then made the lines clear so when I print you won't see them!

This is an insert we added to the newsletter to get more info on them. It has questions to help us out customize their thank you gifts and also bits and pieces of information we can add to our OOT newpaper we are making. We're going to throw in self addressed stamped envelopes to make their lives as easy as possible. Heck, If I could add a pen to it, I would! :)
We'll be making one more for September with more information about the wedding. So what do you think? Did you do a newsletter?

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