Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Paying for medals...

So I did it, up and signed up for two more races.  Basically I am imagining myself with two shiny new medals to add to my collection.  One is a 10k on Thanksgiving so I won't feel too guilty for eating an extra piece of pumpkin pie and the other is the Santa To the Sea Half Marathon on December 12.  Have I ran since my last half? Not really, but I blame this nasty cold I caught, THANKS HUBBY!  I go back to work next week (tear tear) and figured if I have to go back I might as well run during my lunch break so I don't feel horrible leaving my beautiful little daughter at home. 

  I need to find a race for either New Year's or just after the holidays so I don't fall victim to the evils of holiday cookies that get made in our household.  (Can't you just see it now, me filling up the containers to send to my brothers all other the country, "one for you, one for me --CHOMP") I say evil yet somehow I am already drooling over the thought of them!

  How are you going to try to stay in shape during the holidays?  

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Linda said...

I've been good at keeping up with the gym so far. I would also say that finding others to exercise with helps too.