Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Project 12 - January

This month's theme will be about food. I know, I know how boring is that, but after how many effects I've made to crack down and stick with home cooked foods, I've always feel like we fall off the wagon. The last quarter of 2009, the hubby "cooked" all the dinners since I was always too tired to get in the kitchen. Now with most of my energy back, I want to take back my kitchen and get healthy again. No more burritos, unless it's homemade. No more soup from a can.

Rules for this month:

  • Time to get more local and buy from the farmer's markets! I don't know about you but I'm very fortunate to have 4, yes FOUR, farmer's markets within a 5 mile radius of us.
  • Menu Planning in advance! Weekly menus to help make shopping trips a bit easier
  • One cheat day a week! This will only count for dinners. I know some of us have full time jobs and it could be hard to bring a lunch.
  • Shop from your freezer! It's high time we start using all that meat and veggies we tossed in there!
  • Cook a meal each week that never tried before!

    project 12
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    Linda said...

    I'm no good at following rules! I know I'll break that cook all meals immediately! I buy breakfast and lunch every weekday! But I'm with you on cooking more, using the food I have stored, and trying new recipes.
    I wish our farmer's market was open in the winter. The closest ones are a bit of drive.