Tuesday, August 14, 2007

"A wedding is a day... a Marriage is a lifetime!"

This weekend is our engaged encounters retreat. it's 36 hours long from Friday night to Sunday afternoon. It's a little intimidating but when I think about it, I am glad we are doing it (well that, and we MUST in order to get married in a Roman Catholic Church).

I found a little list of things to pack for and looking at it and some of the photos on the Retreat Center we're going to, I'm getting a bit excited!
Meals are provided beginning at Saturday breakfast through Sunday lunch.

Please bring non-perishable food for snacks: fruit, cookies, crackers, etc. We will make a community snack table from every one's offerings.

Please bring at least two six packs of your favorite soft drink, water or fruit beverage to share. No alcoholic beverages. Coffee, tea, and cocoa will be provided all weekend.

Comfortable, casual clothing is suggested. Bring bathing suits and towels if you would like. We will have some time Saturday afternoon, to use the pool.

Please bring a bathrobe, towels, washcloths and your toiletries and medication

Bedding is provided but you might want to bring extra blankets in case it's cool at night or for laying out on the lawn.

Sleeping is dormitory style, men in one area and women in another. Please pack separate bags. You might want to bring earplugs and a flashlight.

Catholic Engaged Encounter is a full weekend experience, starting at 7:30 PM Friday and concluding about 4:30 PM Sunday. Please plan on being present for the entire time. A Certificate of Completion will be given out at the end of the weekend for you to take back to your priest.

We graduate?! How neat! For more information about Engaged Encounters, you can go HERE. It isn't just for catholics, but for everyone getting married. I think counseling before the wedding to get ready for the marriage is extremely important. Learning some tools to get through the first years are always helpful! Are you planning on going to any type of premarital counseling?

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