Saturday, August 25, 2007

Food Menus

My printer is going to kill me. I keep printing tons of stuff!

My next adventure is our menus for the tables. I ordered 150 Stardream Circle Card 5-1/4" from Envelopemall.

I then went to my trusty MS Word (I'm too ghetto to purchase publisher or anything like that...) and cut and pasted the menu that our Catering company gave us. Because Stardream paper is the biggest enemy to my otherwise easy going wedding planning, I printed out 20 at a time and each one I laid out all over the house and sprayed with aerosol hair spray so it dries better.

Finished results:

Cost: 36$ + shipping. I'm not including ink or my hair spray because, well, I used them for everything. Now, realizing I might have over my 150 count... I will be ordering from PaperSource because shipping isn't as much and it would get here sooner.

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