Monday, August 13, 2007

Flower holders...

One of the things I was initially looking forward to doing was making my own arrangements, then one of my BMs smacked some sense into me and realized I just won't have time to do that since I had SO many family members who I rarely see be in town and I should spend more time with them than dead flowers.

While the flowers were such a big deal to me of what I should get, I also thought about what vases to put them in. I wanted something pretty but couldn't spend a load of money of vases I'll never use again much less need 20 of them laying around the house. So, I headed over to my favorite budget friendly website and found these. All below 5.00$ a vase!



So many great selections and these were just a few I found! These would also work well with showers and other types of parties.

As for flowers, I found Wholesale flowers at the beginning of the process and wanted to use them. They seemed to have the best selection and were priced very well. For my favorite flower at the moment: Ranunculus, for a bunch, $15.00. Most Flowers have 7 to 10 stems per bunch, many of their foliage products have more than 10 stem. Shipping is free for orders over 150$ and they only ship overnight!!! What a great deal!

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