Thursday, August 30, 2007


248 = number of days since we got engaged
17 = number of days since invites went out
38 = number of days till RSVP deadline
37 = Number of RSVPs received
6 = number of regrets
7 = number of days till I have my final dress fitting
56 = number of days till the wedding

What does this mean? That out of the 100 invitations that went out, 37% of our guests have responded and out of the 37%, 86% of them are coming! WOW! I guess that is about right... But still... numbers are truth and kinda make you do a double take and you realize you are having a party! Yes, I knew that already... but sometimes it doesn't always hit me when I'm making menus or place cards or programs.

Another way to look at it? In order to get all the responses back, I will need to get an average of 1.66 RSVPs back a day to hit the target. :P

(my boss would be soo proud of my little analysis!)

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