Friday, May 11, 2007

Hey Mister, SAVE THAT DATE!!!

Before I was engaged I knew I wanted to do Save-the-Date's and now it was time to finally get to live my dream! Already, I had a fridge full of magnets and was a little shy about the thought my face on everyone's fridge to see for the next 8 months. I saw a little article on in Martha Stewart Weddings about calendar stickers and like lightning striking my pretty little head, I visualized my Save-the-cards!

My supplies:

  1. Custom Stickers from Zazzle to give it more a polished look

  2. Notecards and envelopes from EnvelopeMall

  3. Vellum paper from Staples Office Supply Stores

  4. Photo corners from Michael's Craft Stores

  5. Double-stick tape

With a few of my bridesmaid's help, we put all of them together in about two hours.

So, what do you think?