Thursday, May 10, 2007

Picking the church...

Some parts of the whole wedding you tend to second guess, others parts, well, it was just a given. For me it was the church.

I grew up in a small Southern Californian town minutes away from the beach. We dealt with June-Gloom and usually never saw the mercury hit about 85. My town was in the middle of vegatable fields and at one point was known as the Lima Bean Capital of the World! In this little town was a little chapel that was a foundation of the school and a big congregation. Every Monday growing up, my class would attend Mass and I'd marvel in the beautiful Italian Imported marbel and German Stained-Glass windows. I awed at the mysterous mauseleum that was under the chapel and relished the beautiful gardens on the side. Every Monday I walked in I knew one day I would be married there.

In January, when talking to my FI about where to say "I DO" the little chapel of my dreams popped into my head... and well, the rest is history.

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