Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Drink and Be Married...

After last weekend's wedding, I asked my FI what he'd do differently. He asked if we could give wine as favors?

...Wine? as in 750ML of of adult grape juice? I would LOVE to... but wine isn't cheap.

We came up with a solution. Give one bottle per couple and for families we give sparkling cider. So now the search begins for cheap good wine. (is there such a thing?)
Our first trek to Trader Joe's came up with some JW Morris Napa Wine. At 2.99$ a bottle, how could we not taste it. We taped off the labels so we can choose blindly and see how well we really did know our wine. First one decent, the other two: BAD. The next day we trekked over to BevMo for 2.49$ wine. One SOOO BAD, one pretty decent. A new front-runner! Now, I'm going to do one more trek over to BevMo and see if I can find something alot better for a little more. We shall see.

With this new idea of favors we wanted to personalize the bottles, AKA rip off the labels and stick our own on them. Looking at professionally printing them, it was a little to pricey so we found a place online we could buy blank labels and print them ourselves. HOORAY, another DIY project!!! We have our logo... but how do I incorporate that onto a wine label. I want it to look authentic... I guess I'll have to tool around a bit and see what I come up with.

Are you doing anything unique for your favors because of where/when you are getting married?

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