Monday, May 14, 2007

Pew by Pew

One of the nice things about having your ceremony at a different location than your reception is that you can get away with two different color schemes. With our reception, we really wanted to focus on reds while our ceremony, we wanted a white theme for all our flowers. With so many different ideas for pew decorations, there were some things we just didn't want or couldn't have. Here are two ideas we want to do for our pew decorations. With the first photo showcasing beautiful full hydrangeas. The second showcasing the cone bottom that the flowers will be in so you don't see bottom of the stems.
Now, being the little savvy beast that I am, I found a great site to teach me how to make those little cone pew markers so I don't kill my florists with my random demands (and to save a few bucks too! :P)

Now, to pick flowers. Here are some of my favorite choices. Of course the Calla Lily and the rose are there but I also love love love hydrangeas too!

Did you do two different styles for your ceremony and reception?

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