Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Indulging Visually

It's the moment your guests walk into your reception area, every bride regardless of how little they care about flowers or the food, they want their guests to gasp with excitement of how incredible everything looks. For me, that gasp is the thing driving me to turn up the pizazz of the area and just pay for one of the unnecceary expenses. Chair-covers. Yup. Do you really need fabric draping over every chair? no. Do you really need a bow on each of them making life harder for the people who are setting up or breaking down your reception area? NO. Will I still order them? YUP.

One thing I've noticed of all the photos of receptions, is how color moved around the room. The chairs, when not all "matchy matchy," became a puncuation mark that the table decoration ended there. In the photos with them, it brought a decadence to the room.

So, who's with me and jumping on this bandwagon?

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