Thursday, May 31, 2007

My very own Marcha....

I'm 100% Spanish but was born and raised in the US. We can trace our family to northern Castillian regions of Spain so it's understandable how pale I am. I don't speak Spanish and can't stand anything spicy or hot. Both of my parents were born here too... and so on and so forth. With our family being so Americanized, old Spanish traditions have died or changed up over the decades. No longer do you see coins given from a groom to a bride during the ceremony or the bride wearing any black. But one of the things that never died (but did morph) was our marcha boda aka wedding march.

Our marcha usually starts with a couple who have been married for sometime. The Bride and groom will stand behind that couple and just follow their lead (its a symbol of passing and sharing the joy and happiness of the married couple to the newlyweds). After them, other members of the wedding party will follow behind them and then the rest of the reception will join in behind them, making one long line.

The lead couple will start zig-zagging around the dance floor until they meet up with the end form on gigantic circle. Once they do that, the entire line turns and makes a tunnel for the bride and groom to go under (a symbol of their blessing of the union). Once the couple gets to the end, they start dancing by themselves and in the middle of the circles.

This is one of the few things I always dreamt about on my wedding is the marcha. Even thinking about it with 152 days to go I'm tearing up. To me, I think this is going to be the best moment of the entire day. To me, it solidifies our wedding to each other, and to our families. I've danced in many marchas for others, and this time, it will be just for us!

Do you have any traditions you are looking forward to?

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