Thursday, March 13, 2008

Who's in charge of the clock??

Most brides take charge from the start of the planning all the way down to the big day. One thing I realized on my big day is that I was just done. I was done planning, I was done worrying, I was just done dealing with everything. With the "done-ness" I felt, and a bit of the stress that goes with "IT's MY WEDDING DAY" I kinda lost track of time and ended up being half hour late to my own wedding. If you know me personally, I am NEVER late! In fact, I'd rather be early and wait around than be late for anything. I think this is what put a little worry on my hubby who started to wonder if I left him at the alter since I was soo late.

Anyhow, if I knew then what I know now about the incredible feelings I felt, I would have put one of my bridesmaids in charge of the big day. Find a BM (your mom is too busy getting ready herself and if you have a coordinator, she'll be busy too) who is always calm and very caring to make sure everyone (and even you) is on track and on time!

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Linda said...

I've put my MOH in charge of keeping me on track. She's an exec assistant so she's used to doing that. I'll give her my schedule ahead of time and not worry about it. I'm also putting her in charge of my cell phone!