Thursday, March 13, 2008

Little Miss Planner's Habits...

I rarely...I mean RARELY breakout of my routine when it comes to food. Aside from Friday Lunches where I escape work, I eat the same few things or go to the same place: a salad at the local Organic cafe, or a tv meal ala Lean Cuisine (LC) or Healthy Choice (HC). Well, today, I'm eating cereal but the I decided to give a Healthy Choice meal a whirl and it dropped me mid swing! I took one bite out of it and within seconds I was walking to the trash can to dump it. I HATE throwing away food but this one wasn't salvegable. It just goes to show that out of LC or HC, LC always wins!

Now... I must go finish my kashi cereal drenched in soy milk. Boy, don't I sound like a person who lives on the edge! :)

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Kelly said...

I agree, LC always wins. SmartOnes are pretty good too. The Ziti is actually really good and I don't believe it is good for me.