Monday, March 3, 2008

I didn't cry...

On my wedding day, while I was getting my makeup done, I had my "OMG" moment where I realized I was getting married. The stress of it all hit and if I wanted to just breakdown. But I stopped the makeup artist and took a minute to just breathe through it and let a few tears roll down. After that, I was ready to go again.

When we are leaving the hotel to get to the church, I grabbed my handkerchief that I bought just in case. I figured I'd be one of those bawling brides. Instead, I smiled while I said my vows and didn't shed a tear. I think it was partly because I had my little security blanket in that little piece of cloth.

Every bride has that moment where it all hits. It could be when they wake up, or an their way to the ceremony. Sometimes it hits walking down the aisle, others it's after they said I do. So, if you think you're a wimp like me, I highly suggest grabbing one too, just in case!

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