Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Arenal Costa Rica Part 2

I do love to chill out and do nothing but not so much on vacations. I love exploring new places and creating fantastic memories. We decided to choose a few excursions that would show us different sides of our first destination spot.

The excursions:

This horseback tour is really different. We departure from a private farm. This adventure takes place at the slopes of the Arenal Volcano by a mountain trail that was used back in the time by the pioneers of these regions.

Cross rivers and beautiful landscapes, admire the Arenal Volcano from a real close perspective. During the trip we will arrive to a look out point, from here we are able to observe the old lava from past eruptions.

We invite you to conquer your way thru Arenal’s slopes. Enjoy this wonderful adventure, be a pioneer in the tropics. Ride and conquer the Arenal today!

Bike Tour

This is an excellent option for real adventures. Enjoy the Volcano area and the panoramic views.

We do the transfer to the Lake in our A/C vehicle, then we begin our biking tour by the "former trail" of the Arenal Volcano National Park.

This expedition will take us to enjoy excellent views of the Volcano. We can admire flora and fauna of the surroundings, then find our way cross a little river to discover the rain forest.

Canopy Tour

Without a doubt the Canopy in the Arenal Area is one of the most attractive and exciting tours available.

It's a perfect combination of adrenaline, adventure and nature that combined offers one of the most impressive views available in the area. This tour offers a guaranteed unforgettable experience.

The tour starts with an informative chat about the equipment you will be using. Your guide will explain safety rules and maybe even crack a local joke or two to ease your nerves. Next you will enjoy a 25 minute cart ride through the Rainforest. Upon arriving at the observation base you can awe at the Pino Blanco Waterfall. You will then start a short 20 minute walk through the middle of the Rainforest enjoying and learning of the flora and fauna that surround you. Your guide will educate you about the ecosystem.

And your adventure begins. 10 cables starting from 180 to 980 meters are waiting just for you, a journey of around 3.5 kilometers. Each cable starts from the treetops on an 18 meter high tower. You can rest assure daily safety checks are run on all cables guaranteeing your safety. During your tour will be able to observe two waterfalls, the Pino Blanco Waterfall and the Fortuna Waterfall, plus the Majestic very active Arenal Volcano.

You will return by cart making a visit to the indigenous Maleku town, there you will learn a little of their customes, culture and traditions. As an additional canopy attraction you will finalize your tour by making a short 20 minute hike to visit the frog farm and butterfly observatory located within the park grounds.

An experience that will last a lifetime.

And last but certainly not least:
Tabacón Hot Springs

Tabacón offers thermal hot springs heated directly from the Areanl Volcano. Explore the beautiful Rainforest that surround the hot springs, and emerge yourself in the mineral waters surrounded by waterfalls and lush tropical gardens.

The Tabacon Hot Springs are known world wide as the loveliest and most impressive experiences possible in Natural Hot Springs. Without a doubt emerging yourself into the hot mineral baths will rejuvenate you, due to the volcanic minerals present in the springs. A truly remarkable experience. One I would recommend time and time again.

Below are just a few of the benefits of emerging yourself into these hot mineral baths:
1) Cleanses the blood eliminating toxins through your pores.
2) Reactivates your metabolism.
3) Relaxes muscles and joints.
4) Helps regulate persons suffering from rheumatism.
5) Rejuvenates your skin.

Enjoy the all-natural hot springs at Tabacon, while admiring the colossal Areal Volcano. Two wonders of nature connected for you to enjoy.

...next up... how we're getting from point A to point B.

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